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First Home Owners Grant – Our Top 7 Most FAQ

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$20,000 Victorian First Home Owners’ Grant - Top 7 most FAQ  

In 2017, the Government announced the exciting news that the Victorian First Home Owners’ Grant would be doubled to $20,000 for those choosing to build in regional Victoria.

Given that most of us who choose to build will enter into two separate contracts, one to purchase the land and another to build the house, it’s understandable that there is some confusion when it comes to the application process. But the process of applying for the First Home Owners’ Grant is simple, regardless of whether you are buying or building.

It’s helpful to clear up any confusion by answering the top 6 most FAQ’s that I’ve been asked since the news broke.


Does purchasing an existing home qualify me to get the full $20,000 First Home Owners’ Grant?


No, however eligible first-home buyers buying an existing home will continue to receive the $10,000 FHOG and other applicable assistance.


Does building a new home qualify for me to get the full $20,000 First Home Owners’ Grant?


Yes, the First Home Owners’ Grant is available to eligible first home owners who are building a home in regional Victoria or who are buying a brand new, never been lived in before home.

According to the State Revenue Office of Victoria:

The new, increased FHOG payment of $20,000 is for first-home buyers who buy or build their new home, valued up to $750,000, in regional Victoria.

A new home includes:

  1. A newly built home,
  2. An existing property which is being sold for the first time as new residential premises,
  3. A land and building package, or
  4. Vacant land on which you will build a new home.

All first-home buyers in metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria must still meet the other First Home Owners’ Grant eligibility criteria.


Do I claim the First Home Owners’ Grant when purchasing a block of land?


No, the First Home Owners’ Grant is granted upon you having a contract to build a new home on your block of land.


What evidence will I need to provide as proof that I am building?


You’ll need to provide a copy of the contract to build, dated and signed by all parties.


When do I receive the $20,000 First Home Owners’ Grant?


If lodging your application via an approved agent (your lender), the grant will be paid to you at the date you first make a progressive payment to your builder, that is, at the time of your first instalment. 


I understand that I must live in the property for 12 months, but on what date does that 12 months commence?


The State Revenue Office website states that to receive the First Home Owners’ Grant, at least one applicant must:

 Intend to live in the home as their principal place of residence (PPR) for at least 12 continuous months, commencing within 12 months of settlement or completion of construction.

 So, that means that you must move in within 12 months of receiving your certificate of occupancy, issued upon the completion of your home.


Where do I go to apply for the First Home Owner’s Grant?


Your lender can manage the First Home Owners’ Grant application process for you and step you through the process.


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