Where do you go to get trusted independent advice on how to step by step successfully plan to build your new home?

Breathe a sigh of relief, help is here!

Introducing Home Build In a Box, Australia's revolutionary online planning process responsible for helping families save thousands of dollars by sharing the 'secret sauce' info they've been kept in the dark about. This is the easy to follow, power packed online guide that makes planning to build your home a breeze. What's more, it's fun, fast and affordable for everyone.

The HOLY GRAIL of home building for families choosing to build has arrived!

Discover the secrets that no one talks about 

If you don’t know these things, then builders, bankers, real estate agents…they are going to LOVE you!  It will be so easy for them to tell you what they want you to know, instead of what you need to know… And, the problem is that you don’t even know what they aren’t telling you!

Knowing the secrets, tips and tricks during the vital planning stages will ensure you dodge the risks and avoid budget blow out. After all, it's during the planning stage where all the big mistakes are made, only you won't know you've made them until it's too late.

Presented by 2 x international best selling author, founder of Build In Oz, home building advocate and mother of four Natalie Stevens


“Home Build In a Box is full of relevant, up to date money saving tips you can't afford to miss. A passionate advocate for exposing the notoriously complicated property industry, Natalie’s down to earth advice is priceless”

-Paul Dunn - B1G1 Chairman . TEDx Speaker . Best Selling Author

The benefits you can't afford to miss

Create anywhere up to $60,000 in value by implementing these money saving strategies by saving interest, creating equity, building value and dodging costly mistakes.

Choose from 40 full page interactive topics with explainer videos, downloads and resources.

So what exactly can I expect to find in Home Build In a Box?

Well, it's the kind of stuff your mother would want you to know... if you get our drift... here's a sneak peak.


Step 3 has 10 topics and exists to help you avoid the biggest and most costly mistakes people make when buying land. It tells you what the sales people won't and ensures that you understand the answers to the essential questions you must ask to avoid budget blow-out, stress and regret.

In step three you'll learn how to choose and buy a block of land while avoiding any of the biggest and most costly mistakes made

In this step you’ll learn:

  • How to choose the right location
  • How to use a land comparison chart
  • How to safely buy land off-the-plan
  • How to read a plan of subdivision
  • How to know if there’s covenants
  • How to know if there’s easements
  • How to understand site costs
  • How to get quotes for site costs
  • How to best build on a sloping block
  • How to find the right legal conveyancer
  • How to find the right land specialist
  • How to put a block on hold or make an offer

This step enables you to:

  • Choose the perfect location
  • Understand land attributes that may affect your building process
  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Know exactly what things you need to look for
  • Know what questions to ask
  • Stay protected legally

This step shows you how to avoid:

  • Building in the wrong area for you
  • Experiencing nasty surprises in the future you didn’t know were part of the future development of the area
  • Blowing your budget on excessive site costs
  • Discovering things about your block you didn’t know before you purchased that will cause costly problems for you once your builder starts

Taking this step will save you:

  • TIME 10+ hours
  • MONEY negotiable
  • STRESS priceless

This is not DIY, it has nothing to do with building a home and everything to do with planning to build a home. After all, that's the part you play in all of this. That's where all the big decisions are made.


"Even just knowing what order to do everything in in itself made this well worth it for me.  Not knowing where to start was the hardest part. Whenever I’d think about getting organised, I’d get cold feet and feel scared because I knew I wasn’t quite on the right track or talking to the right people.  Understanding how to prioritise the right steps in the right order was a godsend and gave me the confidence to jump in to start planning to build my new home"


What will be the cost of not knowing these things?

Meet your host...

Meet the 2 x international best selling author, founder of Build In Oz, home building advocate and mother of four Natalie Stevens

Natalie Stevens combines her 20 years of property building expertise along with her visionary creative planning skills to create Build In Oz, the online membership-based platform that goes on to show families how building can give them more lifestyle for less. Her easy to follow process takes away the fear, the confusion and the frustration of building and gives you the guarantee of saving time, money, hassle and stress. 

Natalie’s #1 Amazon best-selling book ‘Building Home’ communicates this in a very easy to follow 5 step journey which translates into her online Home Build In a Box system.

As Natalie says, ‘Building a home doesn’t take a dream, it takes a plan… and this is the plan you need to live the dream’.  Natalie and her team operate on a very simple yet profound philosophy that ‘The happiest of families aren’t the ones who have the best of everything, but they are the ones who make the best of everything they have’.

Away from work and on top of raising four very busy kids Natalie is a proud mumpreneur and was a founding director of the Leila Rose Foundation, an Australia wide charity that assists families of a child diagnosed with a rare and incurable cancer. She is also a lifetime member of B1G1, a global giving business movement where she has co-authored the international best-selling book ‘Better Business, Better Life, Better World – The Movement'. Natalie is warm and down to earth with an energetic passion for life and sees Home Build In a Box as being her meaningful contribution to the world.

-Bushy Martin - Podcast Host - Get Invested

"Building a home doesn't take a dream, it takes a plan... This is the plan you need to live the dream"

- Nat Stevens


There's some really important stuff you don't know ... It's the kind of stuff that people who've already built, wish they'd known.

Our purpose, the very reason we exist, is to tell you what that stuff is. We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied that what you've learnt has been invaluable to your home building journey.

With a 100% money back guarantee, you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Don't plan to build your home without knowing these things, it's simply not worth the risk.

-NAT STEVENS Founder of Build In Oz

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