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There's only one way to find the perfect house and land package and that's to create it.

Here's what they didn't tell you about House & Land Packages

Did you know that true house and land packages rarely exist?  They are often little more than marketing posters where a floorplan has been plotted onto a block and then advertised for the bare minimum price that often doesn't include essentials such as driveways, site costs and paths.  In most cases you'll be buying the land from the developer and the home from the builder and what this really means is that you can put any home, built by any builder, on any block of land.  This is great news because now you know it's possible to have your perfect home in your ideal location, regardless of the packages that you see advertised.

Found an area you love but it's taken up with packages?  That's probably not the reality.  Skip the builder and make your enquiry with the land selling agent to find out.  Unless it's owned by the builder, chances are it's available for you!

"Off the shelf packages are great for investors but not so great for you. And, the good news is that we make it easy for you to create your own perfect house and land combination"

Will it be more expensive?  No.  Once you do your homework on packages you'll come to learn that there's lots of extra costs the advertised packages don't include.  Save yourself the heartache and get the facts upfront.  Be safe with Build In Oz.


The only safe house and land package is the one you create yourself.

If you're serious about building a home that let's you live our best lifestyle then you need to follow our process that makes it easy to match your ultimate home to your ultimate block.  The 5 Step Journey gives you that process.