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what you need to know about house and land packages

We want you to know that while many developers and builders join forces to market their products as ‘house and land packages’, they aren’t necessarily legally bound as a package. In most cases and particularly in areas of regional Australia land is most commonly sold separately from the house (despite some marketing implying otherwise), meaning you can cut and paste plans onto any available lot.

The most likely scenario is that you’ll be buying the block of land separately from the house. In this case you’ll have a contract with the land owner to buy the land and a building contract with a builder to build the house. This makes it possible to take out a construction loan for the construction of your home.  You can learn more about this huge money saving option by taking step 1 of the 5 Step Journey Borrowing to Build.

As the founder of Build In Oz I care most about you having a happy and successful home building experience and thats why I want to share with you the process I use to achieve that.  Most sites will focus on House and Land Packages, however we focus on floorplans and blocks of land.  If you are choosing from supplied house and land packages you are limiting yourself and missing out on one of the biggest advantages of building.  That being, having the perfect home in the perfect location.

That's why we ask our builders to share with you their floorplans rather than their packages and in the 5 Step Journey we show you how you can match that up with the perfect block of land.  It just makes sense.

Why choose a house and land 'package' when you can easily create the perfect house and land combination.  It's not as hard as you might think.  In fact, when you follow my process, I'd go as far to say that it can be easy, even fun!

By all means feel free to explore these house and land packages, but where I see the real benefit for you is in exploring our floorplans.  We've made choosing a floorplan easy at our  Floorplan Wonderland.


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