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  1. I don’t ever buy a house and land package because of the limitations they impose. (learn the truth about house and land packages)
  2. I utilise government grants and incentives.  Currently there are many incentives available to first home owners who choose to build.
  3. I structure my finance specifically for building which maximises my savings on interest.
  4. I set my total (land and building) budget at $20,000 less than what the bank will lend me. (I know I’ll need reserve $20,000 for the things that blow everyone’s budget down the track)
  5. I research previous sales in a predominately owner-occupied area that has a point of difference in its lifestyle features. It may be a playground, park or be opposite public open space.
  6. I draw on my lifetime of exposure to property development to negotiate a good block for a great price. (You can use my experience too)
  7. I put lifestyle before convenience. (Convenience attracts investors, lifestyle attracts families who build high value homes).
  8. I look at what homes in that area have sold for 10-15% more than my budget.
  9. I implement my foolproof plan to build a similar home in the same area but for a better price.
  10. I don’t rely on what a real estate agent tells me. I use my experience  to research the land in the area inside out.  I leverage what I learn to negotiate the price of the block.
  11. I use the knowledge I'v gained from my family civil construction company (which my father started 53 years ago) to avoid unknown site costs.
  12. I make sure I design a home that delivers value.
  13. I have designed my own basic yet highly liveable floorplan that I own and use that to get quotes from builders that are all comparing apples with apples.
  14. I use my PRIORITIES & FLOORPLAN modules to make sure I'm directing my spending on the areas of my home that will deliver the most value by way of lifestyle and functionality to the occupants. I ensure it hosts basic yet excellent design principals.
  15. I style and 'fit out' the home using high value yet low – medium cost fixtures and fittings.
  16. I add a small number of key ‘wow’ factor features that impact on the home’s value.
  17. I enable side access for a caravan, boat or trailer.
  18. I don’t invest money upgrading façade designs.
  19. I have a low maintenance yet functional yard.
  20. I don’t spend on high cost yet low value additions such as 'more than is required' verandahs or decks.


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