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"Building a home doesn't take a dream, it takes a plan.  This is the plan you need to live the dream"

-Nat Stevens 2 x Best Selling Author & Founder of Build In Oz


The Holy Grail of Home Building for Aussie families has finally arrived!

The revolutionary 5 step online planning process that's fun, fast and convenient


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Meet the 2 x International Best Selling Author, Mother of four and passionate home building advocate responsible for helping hundreds of families save thousands of dollars when building.  Meet the founder of Build In Oz, Nat Stevens

Natalie Stevens


"How to this, how to that… Whenever I would think about building, the questions would cloud over and see me put it in the too hard basket! Home Build In a Box answers all those questions. I now feel really knowledgeable about the building process. For example, I never even knew about a construction loan and why the lenders liked it that way!   The detailed steps were really informative. It was like having my own little pocket guide during my planning. Highly recommend it to anyone whose thinking about building"


"All the experiences I’ve heard about from others who have built have been really muddled with both good and bad experiences, which made me feel like we were taking a bit of a gamble for how it might turn out for us. Home Build In a Box showed us how to avoid the ‘nightmares’ and gave us the tools to be able to have a good experience and actually feel excited about it. In the videos, Natalie is great at explaining the building/land purchase experience in a language that everyday people understand. It answers so many questions and explains a lot of terms that most people would feel a bit uncomfortable asking their builder about for fear of sounding like they don’t know what they are doing. It’s very empowering in that way and makes you feel in control throughout."


"Before I visited Build in Oz, I was concerned about all of the decisions required for planning a new build. Once I completed the Build in Oz online course I felt a lot more informed about the types of questions to ask when considering a builder and what important factors to consider when choosing the right block of land. Natalie has an extremely easy way of explaining even the most complex aspects of building in a very user-friendly manner. After completing each module I was always excited to find out more from Natalie and the thorough and friendly way she explained everything was extremely refreshing. Topics like budgeting, borrowing and banks were all covered very well and it opened my eyes to the many aspects of building that I hadn’t even considered. I would thoroughly recommend visiting the Build in Oz website and informing yourself about all aspects before embarking on your new home journey."


"Home Build In a Box clears up so many myths and misconceptions! I had procrastinated with building for ages because I found it really hard to find a house and land package I liked. But this helped me understand the truth about house and land packages and why I shouldn’t be wasting my time on them. It showed me how I could easily bring a variety of floorplans together to affordably recreate something that was perfect for me and then have it built in a location I loved! I would have wasted so much more time sieving through packages hoping to find the right one if it weren’t for this. Home Build In a Box is a great source of information for anyone who is thinking of building a home. I loved it!"


"I hadn’t really considered that as a first home owner I should build. My brother put me onto this and I’m so glad he did because now I’m building I’m eligible for the full $20,000 first home owners grant which is super helpful. I loved the way the information was presented in a very relaxed down to earth style by someone who is just like me and not some guru spruiking in a suit."


"Even just knowing what order to do everything in in itself made this well worth it for me.   Not knowing where to start was the hardest part. Whenever I’d think about getting organised to build, I’ll get cold feet and feel scared because I knew I wasn’t quite on the right track or talking to the right people.   Understanding how to priorities the right steps in the right order was a godsend and the game-changer for how I felt about jumping in to start planning to build my new home."


"Stress. That’s what I thought I needed to prepare myself for in the lead up to building. But Home Build In a Box blew that fear away for me. I felt more and more in control as I worked through each step. Topics I found most useful were the ones about how to get the most out of my budget by knowing what things will really make for great house and it wasn’t what I thought they would be. There were lots of things I hadn’t even actually thought about before which would have left me wide open to make mistakes along the way. Nat’s approach in the videos is really friendly, naturally informative and straight to the point. There’s a real genuine care there that shines through in her presentations. I’m really happy I found this."


"After learning about all the steps I’m feeling super motivated to build! Before it was always too hard, too expensive, or I feared it would take too long. With a better understanding of the process, I’m now fully in control and know how to best avoid those outcomes. Getting the insider info about the process and learning the basic terminology is great also. Now when I talk to builders I sound like I actually know what I am talking about which makes it harder for them to pull the wool over my eyes! Hearing Nat share her knowledge and expertise in an area I’m foreign in was priceless!"



"Before Home Build In a Box I thought I had only two options. One was to build an expensive home with a custom builder and two was to build a cheap home with a project builder which could be risky. But now I know there’s so much in between and it’s not all so black and white. By signing up for this I learnt that by following the right steps I can achieve my dream of building a home that suits my needs and that I’ll be able to get what matters most within my budget. Learning about using a construction loan and how much that can help was really valuable also. Nat is really down to earth and relaxed with her advice which makes it so much easier to understand. You can tell how passionate she is and how open and eager she is to help those who want to build."


"Home Build In a Box gave me a really good understanding of the steps and considerations I needed to take in to account when building. I loved learning about the different loans that are better to use if you’re building. I’d spoke to a few lenders myself and no one had mentioned a construction loan to me before. After working through this process I feel confident that I’ll be able to build my dream home and be satisfied with every decision along the way"


"I didn’t realise I had so many options! Here I was thinking that building a house was only done one way. I had no idea of the truth about House and Land packages and for the first time I feel like it’s possible that we can really have what we want within our budget. I also now know that the difficulties people have with building are usually caused by people just putting themselves in the hands of the builder without really even knowing what they are getting themselves in for. This step by step guide has been extremely helpful to us"


"Before Home Build In a Box I felt scared about building. I’d heard so many people complain about it but now realise that they just hadn’t asked the right questions before they started which put them at risk. Home Build In a Box made me feel more confident about building because I was armed with all the information I needed to get it right. Each topic was really useful, and all the information was what secured our decision to build rather than buy an established home"


"I’d always thought building was the expensive option but Home Build In a Box showed me how to get a builder to build within my budget. Even if you’re just thinking about building a home, signing up for Home Build In a Box will be a great in helping you make the right decision. And if you so decide to build, this will also give you plenty of help along the way!"


"Building is a very mysterious process and there’s not a lot of help available out there. The most valuable sections of this for me were about using a construction loan and all the information about buying a block of land like knowing what to look for in the structure development plan etc.   Who knows where we would have ended up if we hadn’t found this!"


"I’ve always wanted to build and felt pretty good about it except that I felt like I needed a bit of direction. My research was all just a bit jumbled and all over the place which meant I procrastinated far more than I should have which I guess costed me time and even money in the long run. Home Build In a Box just made everything clearer and I felt more positive throughout the process. What I found most helpful was around the idea that you set your budget and then look for who will give you the best outcome based on that. It took away a lot of the fear about quotes blowing out etc. Learning all about the land was great too and helped me get a block for a better price! There were so many things that helped me that I just wouldn’t have known otherwise. All in all, this is a very practical and user-friendly guide to building a home. I highly recommend it!"


"My two biggest fears have always been how much building my own home would cost me and also the fear that I could get ripped off. The 5 steps explained in the Home Build In a Box system has opened my eyes to a world of possibilities and I’m feeling inspired to start this journey."


"I’ve taken the 5 Step process from start to finish. I found it easy to follow and I got some great tips that will help me with my current project. Well done for creating such a valuable resource for people wanting to build a new home"


"If you're thinking about buying or building a home, you need to sign up for Home Build In a Box first. Packed full of information for the new home buyer, it will give you the confidence you need to make the important decisions about how to spend your money wisely. Nat Stevens has many years' experience in helping people get the home they need and explains why building a new home could be the best decision you'll ever make. The online guide goes through all the major considerations, step by step, that you need to think about before you spend a cent. You can't afford to build a new home without it. It could save you thousands"


"This is a great, easy to follow plan filled with helpful information for first home builders, or those who are not sure about the process. I really enjoyed going through it, and gained more confidence in knowing what to expect when we build our new home. I am now armed with more questions for our builder"



Get your FREE copy of 'THE TOP 5 BIGGEST MISTAKES YOU'LL MAKE WHEN BUILDING' sent straight to your inbox. 

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