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Building Home Masterclass Series

Terms and Conditions

By signing up to the Building Home Masterclass Series or by beginning the pre-approval process via our site you agree to accept our terms and conditions and acknowledge that you have read and accepted our disclosure, disclaimer and privacy statement.

Our 30 day money back Guarantee Terms and Conditions

Our course has been taken by first home builders, second time builders and even building professionals.  We know this can save you money.  But please don't interpret your membership with the Building Home Masterclass Series as a promise or implication of success.  Simply signing up and reading the content will not be enough to achieve results.

To maximise your ability to achieve successful results, you must commit to take the Building Home Masterclass in full.  Having this knowledge helps you make more informed decisions which in turn can save you money.  However every circumstance is different and results will vary depending on a variety of variables including location.

If you take the Building Home Masterclass Series within 30 days, taking every step in full and upon completion don’t believe that the information can save you at least five times the cost of the course, we'll give you a 100% refund of your purchase price.  Our risk free guarantee is valid for 30 days from purchase.

Let us tell you exactly why we offer this risk-free guarantee.

When we were researching the need for a course such as this, we couldn’t find anything or anyone on the internet with the extent of industry experience as a private property developer who was prepared to share the secrets we share with you here.   No one particularly wants to ‘spill the beans’ on the way they’re making money from you.  During our research we found that most ‘free advice’ is crafted in a way that leads to a sale of either their own, or others products or services and we don’t consider that to be unbiased independent advice.

That’s why we invested years developing this course.  We wanted to help regular families gain greater housing affordability and to do this we needed to delve deeper into the planning process from the perspective that benefits you. We created the curriculum, tested it, hired top tier developers, advisors and implementors to bring you something that's been designed purely to benefit you.  And then we tested the whole course from beginning to end with an entire class of students – many of whom started with no idea about building a home and others who had built a home before but who knew they’d made big and costly mistakes.  We’ve also tested this out with experienced home building professionals and property developers.  All of them agreed that our course can save you tens of thousands of dollars with one estimate coming in as high as $80,000.  Many described the insights as priceless.  In the course you'll see an example of how we easily create $67,950 in equity in just one home build.  The saving for you could be much more or much less depending on your personal circumstances.

We exist to give you high-quality truly independent material full of our own proven strategies, systems, tactics and more.  We are so confident about the value of this course that if you sign up, take the course in full and don't believe it can save you at least 5 times your investment, then we'll happily refund every cent.


Throughout buildinoz.com.au and its associated content, including the Building Home Masterclass Series, we share our own personal experiences and our personal knowledge.  We will never share any thoughts, experiences or information with you that we don't believe to be true based on real life scenarios that we have either experienced or witnessed.  We are not a marketplace.  We do not sell or exchange your information to marketplace websites.  Any recommendation we make is authentic and given with integrity.  Any introduction we give to you will be made with your permission should you request it.

The Building Home Masterclass Series produces revenue from courses designed for educational and informative purposes.  We also generate revenue through closely aligned referral agreements with hand picked mortgage brokers.  We work closely with our selected brokers to ensure that they align with our vision and principles.  We will never have in place a referral agreement with anyone who we don't genuinly believe is the best person to help you achieve success on your home bulding journey.  Revenue is effected via a commission split that is shared between the mortgage broker, the mortgage broker's aggregator and Build In Oz.


We value the privilege of sharing what we’ve learnt from our own home building successes but please understand that by signing up for the Building Home Masterclass you aknowledge that your experience could be different to ours and Build In Oz, its founder, director or associates do not take any responsibility for your experiences, relationships or outcomes both personally or financially, that you may have as a result of engaging with Build In Oz or it's associated content.

Building a home is a huge and exciting milestone in your life and one that is going to affect you in many ways for years to come. The plethora of information available can be overwhelming and we cannot stress strongly enough the importance of seeking independent professional financial advice before committing to any type of construction loan or home loan or entering into a contract of any kind.

Everything on Build In Oz is shared with authenticity and integrity with information based on real life experiences, education, research and contributions, however whilst attempts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the information, Build In Oz, its founder, directors, employees, partners or associates do not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the information supplied by Build In Oz.  Therefore, any information and opinions herein should not be substituted for professional advice.

When Build In Oz supply you with a land locator report the results are based on listings presented by Property Data Solutions Pty Ltd and are for informational purposes only and you should conduct your own research independent of the report to feel satisfied that you have exhausted all available resources that display land listings in your area. Build In Oz takes no responsibly implied or otherwise as to the accuracy of the information supplied in the land report.

When borrowing, building, purchasing property or entering into a contract of any kind you should seek personal professional advice before doing so.


Build In Oz may collect your information via physical or online sign up forms, online opt-in forms, special offers, social media, email services, in person, via our websites, on paper or via electronic format and via our customer relations management processes within any offered courses.  Information we collect about you may include but is not limited to your name, email address, physical address, date of birth, phone number.  Other information that we may collect from you during your membership period is for the purpose of guiding you in your home building journey.  That information may include things related to budget, your priorities, choosing land, getting floorplans and choosing builders.  Your information may be used for market research purposes and may include information relating to your interest, experiences and preferences.  Build In Oz uses your information for the purpose in which it was collected being to help you plan to build your new home, securely and in the most efficient time frame with the most successful outcome.   Build In Oz may need to share your information to third parties engaged by Build in Oz to provide services in IT management, database storage and security, credit card processing facilities and marketing.  By submitting your personal information, you agree to us using it in the manner and for the purposes described above.  When you provide us with your personal information you agree to receive direct marketing and nurturing communication from Build In Oz related to products and services offered by Build In Oz.  You can opt out or unsubscribe from these communications at any time. To help us continually improve our customer experience, buildinoz.com.au uses technologies such as cookies and tags to better understand the way customers interact with our website.  We use this information to improve our systems and processes for the benefit of our visitors for the purpose of offering the best user experience.  If you could like to learn more about our privacy policy, please contact us directly.