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Our articles are specifically designed to help you plan to build your new home. We aim to help you get started on the right track, whilst helping you along the way. Our key categories are listed below, with more specific articles available under these headings.

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The biggest and most important thing you need to know if you’re ready to apply for a loan to build your home.  Borrowing to build is not the same as borrowing to buy.  It's vital you don’t let yourself be treated as though you are borrowing money to buy a new home when in fact you’re building a new home. Making this mistake will cost you thousands in interest repayments… learn more

You can take comfort that only three things really matter when you’re deciding what you really need in your home. Those 3 things are you needs, your wants and your desires. We’ve created a builders brief template and coming home checklist that make shaping your priorities super simple. And as for that budget you nailed in the previous step, we’re now going to see just how far that will take us.… learn more

Buying land based on inaccurate advice could see you blowing your budget or worse.  Your success in buying the perfect block of land lies in knowing which questions to ask and it's just as important that you understand the answers.  We want you to know exactly what to look out for yourself so you make the right choice.… learn more

A great home starts with a great floorplan and choosing the right floorplan is the most important step in this journey.  Here we’ll show you the difference between builders plans, custom designed plans and architects plans.  We’ll share our top 10 design tips that can be applied across the board and touch on how simple it can be to incorporate some simple sustainability principles into your new home..… learn more

Assuming you’ve taken the four previous steps in preparing to build a new home, the time has come to pass the batten over to your builder.  Following the right steps in the right order mean you’re far better positioned to have a happy and successful home building experience which will make it easier to build a home within your budget according to your wants, needs and desires...… learn more

How to Avoid Paying Stamp Duty

Few people purchasing an ‘existing’ home are prepared for the shock that comes when they discover how much they have to pay, on top of the purchase price, in stamp duty. Read More

Buying land? Read this first

If you end up purchasing the wrong block, you could end up blowing a lot more than your budget. Don't put your future in the hands of a sales pitch. Read More

How to create instant equity

How does building make it possible to create instant equity? What are the rules and how can you make it happen? To know what makes equity, you first need to know Read More

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