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Choosing a builder

Do you need a Volume Builder or a Custom Builder?

There’s different types of builders.  Custom home builders, Volume Builders, Project Builders, Kit Home Builders, Pre-Fab Builders Custom Builders, small local Builders, Budget home specialists, Luxury home specialists and the list goes on.  Don’t waste valuable months talking to the wrong builders.  Let us make it easy for you. LOCAL CUSTOM BUILDER They build your … Read More

How to choose the right builder – your secret weapon to simplicity

What’s the best way to choose a builder? It’s easy with our builders brief template- Your secret weapon to simplicity To help make both the big and small decisions simple and straightforward, Build In Oz have created your secret weapon to simplicity – a builder’s brief template which is available exclusively to members of The … Read More

Avoiding risk when building

What’s the best ways to avoid risk when building? There’s a lot of horror stories that float around about the process of building a home and you’ll want to make sure your experience doesn’t become the next one. As with any industry, you’ll hear far more about the bad experiences than the good, but the … Read More