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borrowing to build is not the same as borrowing to buy

Ok so here’s the biggest and most important thing you need to know if you’re ready to apply for a loan to build your home.  Borrowing to build is not the same as borrowing to buy.  Over the course of these topics throughout the lesson you’ll come to learn why and how it’s vital you don’t let yourself be treated as though you are borrowing money to buy a new home when in fact you’re building a new home. Making this mistake will cost you thousands in interest repayments… but more about that later.

Here’s the other really big mistake people make when planning to build make the BIG mistake of starting in the wrong spot.  In our mind our home is build according to our dreams but in reality, it’s built according to our budget!  Starting in the wrong spot can lead you to feeling like you’re in over your head, drowning amongst the big decisions in a sea of danger.

We're here to help you have a happy and successful home building experience and the best way to do that is to guide you through the four essential steps you need to take before you even think about engaging a builder.  In fact, choosing a builder is the last step in our five-part plan.  The first step is nailing your budget... your today budget. It is what it is and you need to get it right so that you can have a realistic expectation of what the very best lifestyle for your family looks like today.

You might think you know what your budget is, but until you’ve got pre-approval or you’ve sold your existing home, well… you’re possibly guessing. Your budget sets the foundation for all the decisions you’ll need to make and is the driver throughout your journey. Knowing your budget from the start ensures a smooth ride.

Organising finance might seem like the least exciting step in the process, but it's the most important.  Once we get this one out of the way it’s all whistles and skittles from here on in, well not entirely, but it does get more exciting.

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