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Avoiding common mistakes

How to save thousands by taking out a construction loan

If you want to save thousands of dollars while your home is being built then you’ll want to take out a construction loan for the amount needed to build your home. Why you should use a … Read More

Your regrets will be the things you didn’t know to look out for

We’ve come to learn that the biggest regrets people have after building their home were the things they didn’t know to look out for.  Unless your builder tells you otherwise who could be expected to know … Read More

If you’re not starting here, you’re doing it wrong.

The number one biggest mistake people make when building a new home is that they start in the wrong spot.   People often make the mistake of starting with the builder, or their ‘dream’ home.  But here’s … Read More

Don’t make the mistake of taking out a home loan when building

Don’t make the common mistake of taking out a home loan. The home building industry has been shrouded in mystery and confusion to the average Joe for too long now, and we think it’s time to … Read More

The hidden secrets you’ll find within a plan of subdivision

Many of our clients ask us what the difference between a sales plan and a plan of subdivision is, and it helps to understand this. The sales plan acts as the main marketing brochure for the … Read More

What you need to know before buying a block of land

If you end up buying a block of land that you haven’t done your homework on, you could end up blowing a lot more than your budget. Don’t put your future in the hands of a … Read More

Avoiding the biggest mistake made when building

There’s one consistent mistake made by families when choosing to build. It’s the very reason why families procrastinate with the idea of building for so long. It’s the problem that led me to dedicate my work … Read More

Six questions a Real Estate Agent won’t ask you

By Natalie Stevens When you are thinking of upgrading your home, or perhaps getting into the market for the first time, what’s the first thing you do? My guess is that you contact a real estate … Read More

On the other side of fear, your best lifestyle awaits

Do you baulk at the thought of building a new home? Does it all seem to hard, or fraught with difficult decisions? Do you think it will take too long? These questions, and probably many more, … Read More


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