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Useful tips when planning to build

Everything you need to know about how to get the current home building grants

Those who are planning to build a new home are in luck with the multiple home building grants available to those who are building a new home.  At Build In Oz, you can learn everything you need to know about how to get the current home building grants in Australia. Our Build In Oz home … Read More

Don’t make these mistakes when buying your first property

Buying your first property can be daunting because you just don’t know what you don’t know. The biggest stumbling block is at the starting line, as first-timers rush to real estate websites and spend their weekends hitting the pavement on the hunt for their perfect property.

You’ll hate yourself for building without knowing this money saving hack

The biggest value of being here isn’t in understanding what you’re being told, but in knowing what you’re not being told. Let’s face it borrowing money for a 30 year loan is daunting for everyone. Throughout the Building Home Masterclass Series you’ll come to learn why it’s vital you don’t let yourself be treated as … Read More

How to build a new home that gives you instant equity

So, how do we go about creating instant equity? Is it guaranteed? No, unfortunately it’s not. You can’t build just any house and expect to make money. Time and time again I hear from people who built a home to put it straight on the market and either couldn’t sell it, or didn’t make any … Read More

Happiness is the home you build

They say you can’t buy happiness. But I believe choosing to build a home can bring you pretty close. The happiest of families are not the ones who have the best of everything; they are the ones who make the best of everything they have. Build in Oz draws on this philosophy by showing you … Read More

First Home Owners Grant – Our Top 7 Most FAQ

$20,000 Victorian First Home Owners’ Grant – Top 7 most FAQ   In 2017, the Government announced the exciting news that the Victorian First Home Owners’ Grant would be doubled to $20,000 for those choosing to build in regional Victoria. Given that most of us who choose to build will enter into two separate contracts, … Read More