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Buying land

The checklist you need when buying a block of land

What questions do you need to ask when buying a block of land? Knowing the right questions to ask when buying block of land will help you avoid the biggest and most costly mistakes made.  But with so many things to consider to avoid a budget blow out disaster how do you know what to … Read More

How to find the perfect location for your block of land

As Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz said, ‘There’s no place like home.’ It’s true; the place you choose to call home needs to be a place that will bring value to not only your pocket, but also your lifestyle and wellbeing. You’ll want to feel ‘at home’ with those around you, living among families … Read More

Should I buy a block of land using a conditional or unconditional contract?

When you find a block that is perfect for you, you can purchase it using a conditional or unconditional contract.  For example, a condition could be subject to your finance being approved.  When you buy something ‘subject to finance’ you are not penalised in the event that you are unable to secure your finance within … Read More

Are site costs the key to saving thousands on your home build?

Site costs Have you ever thought about where is the most likely place you’ll blow your budget? I’m guessing you thought it had something to do with the house right? Well actually, the biggest and most costly mistakes are made by purchasing a block thats been sold based on inaccurate or misleading advice. In step … Read More

Beware of Real Estate Agents when buying land

When buying land it’s important you get authentic advice.  A land buyers agent can give you that.  Seeking advice from a person who specialises in home building rather than home buying makes a whole lot of sense. Home buying and home building are, after all, two completely different processes. While a real estate agent specialises … Read More

The hidden secrets you’ll find within a plan of subdivision

Many of our clients ask us what the difference between a sales plan and a plan of subdivision is, and it helps to understand this. The sales plan acts as the main marketing brochure for the developer. It is usually specific to the stage of development that is currently on offer. Whats the difference between … Read More

Should you buy land off the plan?

There are some rarely known benefits to buying land off the plan during the pre-sale phase but few people know what they are.  The question is, is buying land off the plan right for you? Is buying land off the plan right for you? There are times when land is offered for sale off the … Read More

What you need to know before buying a block of land

If you end up buying a block of land that you haven’t done your homework on, you could end up blowing a lot more than your budget. Don’t put your future in the hands of a sales pitch.  You don’t want to buy a block of land and discover any nasty surprises once you start … Read More