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What you need to know before buying a block of land

Buying a block of land in Australia

If you end up buying a block of land that you haven’t done your homework on, you could end up blowing a lot more than your budget. Don’t put your future in the hands of a sales pitch.  You don’t want to buy a block of land and discover any nasty surprises once you start building. The good news is that when you know what to look for, buying land is a simple and straight forward process. Once you’ve chosen the general location of your land, you need to look at more site-specific matters. In particular, you should check to see whether the land is affected by any restrictions and whether it is fully serviced.

Buying a block of land

We always advise for purchasers to get the lowdown on the most important things to look out for by doing one very simple thing; Before buying a block of land we advise you become a member of The Building Home Masterclass. It’s right on point telling you exactly what you need to know to ensure that you avoid the biggest mistakes made when buying a block of land.

In simple language, you’ll find valuable and essential information about:

• Choosing a Block
• Restrictions & Covenants
• Site Costs
• Sloping Blocks
• Titles
• Pre-Sales
• Buying ‘Off the Plan’
• Sales Plans
• Plans of Subdivision
• First Home Owners
• Stamp Duty

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Avoiding the biggest mistakes made

Buying a block of land based on inaccurate advice can see you blowing a lot more than just your budget.  Don’t trust your future to a sales pitch.  Learn what you need to know to avoid the biggest mistakes made at The Building Home Masterclass.

Avoid The Building Industry Rip Offs And Plan Your Dream Family Home Right The First Time

Thinking about building a home? Then this could be the most important thing you ever read.  My name is Natalie Stevens. I’m the founder of Build In Oz and creator of the Building Home Masterclass Series.  I help Australian families avoid expensive mistakes and pitfalls of the building industry. Without the right plan, you could end up over-paying TENS of thousands of dollars for an inferior home.

I can show you exactly what you need to look out for. What things you should consider NOW. And what questions to ask builders, banks and real estate agents. This way you avoid all the costly and time-consuming errors made by first home and even second home builders.  Learn more at The Building Home Masterclass SeriesBuilding Home Masterclass Series