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Should I use builders plans, a building designer or an architect?

Deciding whether or not to work with an architect can be a tough choice. Let’s make things a little clearer for you.

At his wits end choosing a builder

Jed contacted me when he was at his wits end trying to find a builder.  He’d already purchased a block of land so there was no backing out. When I asked Jed about who he had already spoken to he gave me the names of three builders.  So far so good. But here was the … Read More

Mistruths in Real Estate destroying lives

Trust.  We all want it, we all need it, heck our happiness depends on it.  So why then can it be so hard to give?   Call me jumpy, but a phone call this morning from one of our members has got me fired up. Mistruths in the Real Estate Industry are so 1990’s.  Seriously industry, … Read More

Case Study – The #1 Biggest Mistake Made when building

The Story Marty purchased a 500m2 block in a new estate.  With the prospect of capturing the available views, Marty had a local building designer design a beautiful double story home for him on his new block of land.  Once plans were finalised Marty came to Build In Oz for guidance on how to find the … Read More