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Our Story

our story began at home


2003 was a great year.  It’s the year I became a mum.  By 2009, my husband Sam and I had brought four beautiful souls into the world.  These seven years not only gave me the extraordinary gift of motherhood, but they also gave me the chance to spend quality time with amazing families from a variety of backgrounds.  During this time, I realised that regardless of who we are, where we come from or how much money we earn, we all share a common bond.  As parents, we all share the frustration of needing to upgrade our home during a time in our life when we can afford it the least.  For the first time I could see how families were desperate for a solution that would give them more lifestyle for less.   The flame that sparked my passion for creating Build In Oz was ignited the moment I realised that I knew one way that they could have that.  It's in that moment that I decided to bring together my soul work as an artist, writer, teacher and mother together with my lifetime of exposure to the constuction industry to bring you a perpective unlike any other.

news clippings about Natalie Stevens

Natalie is a lifelong advocate of home building and has been involved in the construction industry since childhood. She has over 20 year’s personal experience in property development, is a 2-time international best-selling author on Amazon and has helped countless people save money when building their home.

She’s also a devoted mother of four, a qualified teacher, has an honours degree in Architectural Ceramics, and was awarded the Dent Key Person of Influence in 2017. She is dedicated to showing Australian families like yours how to get more house for less money using her simple 5 step plan.

Build In Oz is not a builder and has no affiliations with any builders.  Also, this is not DIY.  Build In Oz delivers the Building Home Masterclass Series, an online course that helps you avoid the risks and pitfalls of the building industry.

Learn more about the Building Home Masterclass series here.

We're tired of seeing families put their hard earned money at risk, waste their valuable time or feel unnecessary stress. We're frustrated by the lack of transparency in the home building space and feel passionate about alleviating the uncertainty that families feel when planning to build their new home.

Whilst others will tell you what they want you to know, we'll tell you what you need to know.  Everything you'll find here exists to help you avoid the costly mistakes we see people make time and time again.

Natalie Stevens at home in Warrnambool

our purpose

The process you use to buy is defined by the process they use to sell.  The sales processes used in the property industry are designed to maximise profit at your expense.

Our purpose is to disempower the sales process so that you can plan to build a home in a way that allows you to make informed decisions that will enable you to have a better home, in a better location, for a better price.

Our Philosophy

The happiest of families aren’t the ones who have the best of everything, but they are the ones who make the best of everything they have.

Our mission

To help 1000 Australian families per year build a home that lets their family live the very best lifestyle that their budget, environment and personal circumstances will allow.

Our Vision

That every Australian family who chooses to build a new home has a safe, happy and successful experience.

our values

To inspire our members by sharing ideas, knowledge and experience.
To be true to our members through transparency and integrity.
To understand others by being genuine and empathic.
To nurture others through education.
To succeed by driving change, innovation and adaptation.
To pay it forward to others by being generous in spirit.

B1G1 Build in Oz

Build in oz is proud to be a business for good. 

As Australians we are lucky in that we have the valuable gift of choice. The freedom to choose. As Australians most of us have the opportunity to live a fair lifestyle. Some of us will live a good lifestyle and some of us will live a great lifestyle.  The majority of the worlds population aren't so lucky, which is why we choose to pay it forward to families born into an environment where they have little hope of ever feeling the wellness of nutrition, the quench of thirst, the warmth of a cosy blanket, the security of shelter or in some cases, the love of a family.

The methodology is simple.  When something good happens in our business, something great happens somewhere in the world.  This is made possible through our lifetime partnership with B1G1 - Buy 1 Give 1.

Together, we've just made an impact.

Even just by you being here visiting this website right now, something wonderful happened. You've contributed the gift of providing more than 39,214 days of access to life-saving clean water to families in Ethiopia.  So thank you, not only for being here,  but for also making a difference.  Together, we've made an impact!


Here's some of the other projects where together, we've made an impact.

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