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Home Building expert Natalie Stevens and Land & Build Loan specialist Catherine Thompson are here to help you find you the very best loan for buying land and building your new home.  But our support doesn't stop there.  We're committed to helping you have the very best home for your budget which is why we created the Building Home Masterclass Series hosted by 2x Best Selling Author, Founder of Build In Oz and Home Building Advocate Natalie Stevens.  Now you can join others who have gained the insider secrets that have saved them thousands on building their new home.

helping you find the right home loan for your land and build is a free no obligation service

Our home loan specialists get paid by the lenders, not by you.  Plus, when you choose us to find you the best opportunities that are out there for you, you're not obligated to proceed in any way.  Watch the video below to learn more.

We'll find you the best land & build loan and guide you through the process of planning to build the right way

Borrowing money to build a new home isn't the same as borrowing money to buy an existing home.  We'll show you how easy it can be to save thousands in interest repayments while your home is being built.  Get pre-approval for a loan to buy land and build your dream home with a Build In Oz home loan specialist here.

save time and heartache by getting pre-approval for a home loan with one of our hand picked house & land loan experts

You might think you know what your budget is, but until you’ve got pre-approval for a loan or you’ve sold you’re existing home, it's likely you are guessing.  Your house & land budget decides every decision you need to make so it makes sense to get it right from the beginning.

Access government grants and incentives to build your new home

It's not only first home owners who are getting government support to build a new home.  There may be government grants and incentives available to you and others who choose to build in Australia today.  A house and land loan expert can tell you what those opportunities are.  You may find that your budget is bigger than you expected.

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We care about your home building success which is why we help you plan to build your new home via our Building Home Masterclass Series created and hosted by 2 x best-selling author, home building advocate and founder of Build In Oz Natalie Stevens.  The Building Home Masterclass eliminates the guesswork from planning to build your home helping you save thousands on your new home.

"who knows where we would have ended up if we hadn't found this" - Wade

"I now know exactly what questions I need to ask at every step.  This demystified the process and opened my eyes to stuff that I hadn’t even considered. I thoroughly recommend doing this before embarking on your new home journey."


"I really appreciate your advice and pointing out some things I hadn't even thought of! It's definitely a learning game, and am grateful for your knowledge!!"


"This showed us how to avoid the ‘nightmares’ and gave us the info we needed to have a good experience and actually feel excited about building.  This made us feel in control."


"This clears up so many myths and misconceptions! This is a great source of information for anyone who is thinking of building a home. I loved it!"


"Even just knowing what order to do everything in in itself made this well worth it for me.  Understanding how to prioritise the right steps in the right order was a godsend and the game-changer for how I felt about jumping in to start planning to build my new home."


"It blew the fears away for me. I felt more and more in control as I worked through each step. There were lots of things I hadn’t even actually thought about before which would have left me wide open to make mistakes along the way. I’m really happy I found this."


"With a better understanding of the process, I’m now fully in control and don't feel like anyone can pull the wool over my eyes.  Hearing Nat share her knowledge and expertise in an area I’m foreign in was priceless!"


"Signing up for this gave me the steps I needed to be able to build my dream home. Nat is really down to earth and relaxed with her advice which makes it so much easier to understand."


"After working through this process I feel confident that I’ll be able to build my dream home and be satisfied with every decision along the way"


"This made me feel more confident about building because I was armed with all the information I needed to get it right. Each topic was really useful, and all the information was what secured our decision to build rather than buy an established home"


"Building is a very mysterious process and there’s not a lot of help available out there.  Who knows where we would have ended up if we hadn’t found this!"


"It just made everything clearer and I felt more positive throughout the process. There were so many things that helped me that I just wouldn’t have known otherwise.  This is a very practical and user-friendly guide to building a home. I highly recommend it!"


"My two biggest fears have always been how much building my own home would cost me and also the fear that I could get ripped off. The 5 steps opened my eyes to so much and I’m feeling inspired to start this journey."


"I’ve taken the course from start to finish. I found it easy to follow and I got some great tips that will help me with my current project. Well done for creating such a valuable resource for people wanting to build a new home"


"If you're thinking about buying or building a home, you need to sign up for this first. The online guide goes through all the major considerations, step by step, that you need to think about before you spend a cent. You can't afford to build a new home without it."


"This is a great, easy to follow plan filled with helpful information.  I really enjoyed going through it, and gained more confidence in knowing what to expect when we build our new home."


This is a bit of a suit of armour that you've got on, so that when you go out to do this you're armed with the knowledge


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 how A mother, teacher, artist & 2 x international best selling author can help YOU BUILD THE VERY BEST HOME FOR YOUR BUDGET

 My name is Natalie Stevens and every day I see families needlessly over-paying TENS of thousands of dollars for their new home. That's why I'm here.  I'm going to give you a gift that has the power to change everything, and help you save tens of thousands of dollars on your new home.  My family owned and operated Civil Construction & Property Development business is in it's 52nd year. We've produced thousands of blocks of our own land.  We have the insider secrets that have the power to help thousands of Australian families have more home for less money and I share with our loan clients these secrets for FREE.  Arming yourself with this information is the game changer you need to smash your home building success.

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