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Building Home Masterclass Series

imagine having a secret weapon that can save you thousands on your new home without sacrificing quality


discover the money saving secrets that finally eliminate the guesswork from planning to build your first new home

If you're thinking about building then clicking through to here is one of the best moves you've made.  You're about to get full access to the unbiased step by step plan to PREPARING and PLANNING to HAVE YOUR HOME BUILT in a way that puts you in control of the planning process, regardless of whether you are using a custom builder, a volume builder or buying a house and land package.  We exist to share the knowledge you need to succeed the first time giving you the potential to strip years off your home loan.

Hosted by 2 x Best Selling Author, Educator and 2nd Gen Property Developer Natalie Stevens


"i'll show you my own proven 5 step planning process that lets you build the very best home for your budget"

More than 52 money saving topics with detailed video breakdowns, resources, tools and so much more.

The Building Home Masterclass22

MODULE 1. Borrowing to Build: The Insider Tips To Avoid Financial Mistakes And Have More Money To Spend On Your Home

Module One puts you one step ahead and prevents you from feeling intimidated by the process of borrowing money to build. You’ll feel less stressed and more prepared for what’s ahead because you’ll have the insights you need to make the right decisions.  You’ll avoid all the scary unknowns and have a full understanding of the borrowing to build process. It helps you avoid running the risk of getting into financial difficulty and lets you feel in control of the borrowing to build process.

You’ll learn:

  • How to save up to $10,000+ in interest in the first 8 months.
  • How to maximise Government grants and incentives so you can save up to $27,000.
  • How to put yourself ^$20,000+ ahead on a new home before you even start.
  • What you can really afford to build to avoid financial distress.
  • How to get the best financial deal so you have more to spend on your home.
  • How to calculate facts and figures so you have a realistic view of what you need to do to achieve your goals.
  • How to choose a lender who will implement the right type of borrowing structure for building.
  • How to approach things like pre-approval, lenders mortgage insurance and guarantors etc.
  • That strategies that can get First Home Owners into home ownership sooner, saving you anywhere up to $20,000 in rent for every year you wait.
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MODULE 2. Setting Priorities: Get In Control, Be Calm, Know All Your Costs

Module Two focuses on what you really want in your new home.  It puts you in control and gives you the information you need to feel confident that you’re making informed decisions and not relying only on what Builders tell you to do.  This step gives you peace of mind knowing you’ve considered things from all angles so that the choices you make will give you a home that is truly perfect for you. You’ll feel calm and organised knowing you have the skills to compare quotes and deal with discrepancies.  You’ll know what all of your costs will be so that you avoid getting caught with the extra costs at the end. Taking this Module means spending your budget wisely on the things that matter to you and your family and having zero regrets on the day you move in.

You’ll learn:

  • A simple system for prioritising your needs, wants and desires.
  • What really brings value to a house and what doesn’t.
  • How to assess all your options so you can get the most out of your budget.
  • How to create thousands of dollars in value without spending more money.
  • How to stay within your budget.
  • How to identify and eliminate the things you don’t really need.
  • Where you’re most likely to spend unnecessary money and risk budget blowout.
  • How to compare quotes from different Builders.
  • How to deal with discrepancies between quotes.
  • How to ensure that you’ve accounted for all costs.
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MODULE 3. Buying Land: Choosing Land: How To Avoid Nasty Surprises And Choose The Perfect Block

Showing you how to find the perfect location is easy, but there’s lots of other things to consider that can affect your overall costs when buying land. Module Three ensures that when you buy your block of land, you’re not going to be hit with any nasty surprises that will cause you to blow your budget or make a bad investment.   This Module also makes sure you’re fully informed about anything that could potentially cause you problems once you start to build.  This information helps you avoid the headaches and costly mistakes.  You’ll feel relaxed about the process knowing you’ve got all the information you need to safely buy a block of land without relying on the advice of others.  Plus, you won’t be leaving yourself open to being fed false information by anyone who just wants to get ‘the sale’.

You’ll learn:

  • How to avoid paying thousands of dollars in hidden site costs you never knew existed.
  • How to negotiate the best price for your block of land.
  • How you can have full control over your land buying process.
  • How to buy a block of land that holds equity.
  • The terminology used when buying land so you can understand the information you need to know.
  • The questions you need to ask now that will protect you later on.
  • What you need to know to avoid being misled by salespeople who only care about ‘getting the sale’.
  • What the Developers or Real Estate Agents won’t tell you.
  • What things may exist on or around your block that no one tells you about until it’s too late to back out.
  • How to know you’re buying a block in an area that will be good for your lifestyle now and into the future.
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MODULE 4. Floorplans: The Exact Steps To Having Your Dream Family Home

Module Four makes you aware of all of your options when it comes to choosing or designing your perfect floorplan.  It lets you feel ‘free to choose’ the option that will be best for you.   It shows you the process we use to ensure we get the most competitive quotes from Builders and why you shouldn’t choose a Builder just because you love their floorplans.  This Module shows you how to have a flexible floorplan that you can change to suit you.   It’s all about getting the home you want for the budget you have.  Most importantly, Module Four puts you in control of your overall outcome.

You’ll learn:

  • About the hidden costs of building that will blow your budget.
  • The secrets to slashing thousands off your quotes.
  • All the different ways you can choose a floorplan.
  • How to know which floorplan design process is right for you.
  • How to look beyond just the ‘looks’ and think about the ‘function’ of a floorplan.
  • How to get what you want within your budget.
  • How to avoid being overquoted by Builders on your floorplan.
  • How to customise a floorplan to suit your needs or improve its layout.
  • How to easily design your own perfect floorplan if that’s something you’d like to do.
  • The key design principles we use to ensure the best liveability of a home.
  • How to avoid unknowingly getting ‘locked in’ with a Builder.
  • More about how to understand discrepancies in quotes.
  • More about how to read quotes so that you’re comparing apples with apples.
  • How to build a house that’s worth more than what it cost you to build it.
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MODULE 5. Choosing A Builder: How To Avoid The Sales Cons And Make The Right Choice

Module Five protects you from being misled by clever marketing ploys or manipulative sales tactics.  It tells you what you need to know about a builder before you choose to trust them.  You’ll learn about all the different types of Builders so that you can approach the ones who are right for the type of home you want to build.  This Module shares insider facts so that you can look beyond the competitive sales pitch and go on to get the best outcome for the best price.  Most importantly, you’ll have the resources you need to know you’re choosing the perfect builder to build your new home.

You’ll learn:

  • The comparisons between different types of Builders.
  • How to find a Builder that suits the home you want to build.
  • How to find a Builder you trust.
  • To make decisions based on facts, not opinions or sales pitches.
  • How to maintain flexibility with your floorplan and make minor changes if you need to even after your home build has begun.
  • How to avoid being ripped off by minor changes you want to make to your floorplan.
  • The questions you need to ask now so you can save money in the end.
  • The system that ensures your quotes include everything you’re going to really need in your new home.
  • What the hidden costs of building are so you can budget for everything before you commit.
  • How to get the best value home for your budget.

Author . Educator . Advocate

The happiest of families aren't the ones who have the best of everything.  But they are the ones who make the best of everything they have.

I'm thrilled you're here...


Meet Natalie Stevens -  Multiple best selling author, founder of Build In Oz, and the woman educating Aussies about how to have more home for less

Natalie was born into her family owned civil construction and property development company which is now in it's 52nd year.  During that time they've produced in excess of $220,000,000 worth of their own privately owned land helping thousands of people on their home building journey.  Since 2011 Natalie has dedicated her life's work to sharing the secrets that help families save tens of thousands of dollars on their new home.  Natalie also happens to be a devoted mother of four, has a degree in Architectural Ceramics, Education, and was awarded the Dent Key Person of Influence in 2017.  After playing witness to the unethical modern day sales tactics being used in her own industry, she made a decision to dedicate her life's work to helping families just like yours have a brand new home for far less money.  And so the Build In Oz journey began.

"My family owned and operated business is in it's 52nd year and we've developed more than 2275 residential blocks of our own land.  As a second generation property developer I know that the life changing savings are made during the 'planning' phase of building, long before you've even thought about approaching builders, bankers and real estate agents.  I began writing my book 'Building Home' when I realised just how many people had no idea about how much money they can save when building a new home in Australia today."

Natalie uses the Building Home Masterclass Series to share those secrets with you.

You'll learn from her own personal 2nd generation experience what you need to know to avoid some of the biggest and most costly mistakes made every day by Aussies who want to realise their home building dream.

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a planning process proved to help you save tens of thousands on your new home

When you take the Building Home Masterclass Series you get the insider secrets that can help you create equity in your new home meaning your home could be worth more than what it cost you to build it.

"It's heartbreaking to see once happy families running out of money near the end because they weren't given the full story at the start.  My purpose is to make sure that's not you."

"The knowledge is amazing. This gives you an overview of the whole game" - Elijah

 The Building Home Masterclass Series gives you unlimited access to more than 52 money saving topics about how to save money when planning to build a new home.

With this short course under your belt, you'll have the benefit of more than 52 years of industry experience meaning that you won't be that vulnerable customer who relies on advice from building sales consultants and real estate agents who just need to 'get the sale'.

Instead, you'll have all the insider secrets you need to 'plan' to build your home right the first time whilst saving tens of thousands of dollars in the process.

Regardless of whether you're using a custom builder, a project builder or buying a house and land package, this will be the most valuable tool you can have.

The best time to take the series is before you've started talking to builders, banks and real estate agents.  It's smart to get an overview of the 'whole game' first.  The purpose of the program is to prepare you to build so that you make the right decisions, at the right time, with the right people.

how we can help you

"I now know exactly what questions I need to ask at every step.  This demystified the process and opened my eyes to stuff that I hadn’t even considered. I thoroughly recommend doing this before embarking on your new home journey."


"I really appreciate your advice and pointing out some things I hadn't even thought of! It's definitely a learning game, and am grateful for your knowledge!!"


"This showed us how to avoid the ‘nightmares’ and gave us the info we needed to have a good experience and actually feel excited about building.  This made us feel in control."


"This clears up so many myths and misconceptions! This is a great source of information for anyone who is thinking of building a home. I loved it!"


"Even just knowing what order to do everything in in itself made this well worth it for me.  Understanding how to prioritise the right steps in the right order was a godsend and the game-changer for how I felt about jumping in to start planning to build my new home."


"It blew the fears away for me. I felt more and more in control as I worked through each step. There were lots of things I hadn’t even actually thought about before which would have left me wide open to make mistakes along the way. I’m really happy I found this."


"With a better understanding of the process, I’m now fully in control and don't feel like anyone can pull the wool over my eyes.  Hearing Nat share her knowledge and expertise in an area I’m foreign in was priceless!"


"Signing up for this gave me the steps I needed to be able to build my dream home. Nat is really down to earth and relaxed with her advice which makes it so much easier to understand."


"After working through this process I feel confident that I’ll be able to build my dream home and be satisfied with every decision along the way"


"This made me feel more confident about building because I was armed with all the information I needed to get it right. Each topic was really useful, and all the information was what secured our decision to build rather than buy an established home"


"Building is a very mysterious process and there’s not a lot of help available out there.  Who knows where we would have ended up if we hadn’t found this!"


"It just made everything clearer and I felt more positive throughout the process. There were so many things that helped me that I just wouldn’t have known otherwise.  This is a very practical and user-friendly guide to building a home. I highly recommend it!"


"My two biggest fears have always been how much building my own home would cost me and also the fear that I could get ripped off. The 5 steps opened my eyes to so much and I’m feeling inspired to start this journey."


"I’ve taken the course from start to finish. I found it easy to follow and I got some great tips that will help me with my current project. Well done for creating such a valuable resource for people wanting to build a new home"


"If you're thinking about buying or building a home, you need to sign up for this first. The online guide goes through all the major considerations, step by step, that you need to think about before you spend a cent. You can't afford to build a new home without it."


"This is a great, easy to follow plan filled with helpful information.  I really enjoyed going through it, and gained more confidence in knowing what to expect when we build our new home."


This is a bit of a suit of armour that you've got on, so that when you go out to do this you're armed with the knowledge



50 + Topics

Content delivered via video & text

Classified Resources


Tailor made reports

Video Explainers

Valuable Downloads

Finance Calculators

Time saving tools

Personalised templates

Real life case studies

Unlimited Q & A to advocate support

12 months unlimited access

This protects you from the biggest and most costly mistakes people make when building

When you invest in the ‘Build Your Home Masterclass Series’, you won’t be bogged down in dry, boring information. Everything is broken down into succinct and entertaining lessons you can tackle at your own pace. There are 5 comprehensive modules containing 52+ topics with detailed video breakdowns, resources, tools and so much more including unlimited Q&A to our home building advocates.

This isn’t a program filled with pretty interior images. Pretty pictures don't save you TENS of thousands of dollars, but this basic yet VITAL EDUCATION can.

We give you a detailed overview of the 'whole game' so that you can make informed decisions about what's most suited to you and your budget, rather than be 'sold' into making a costly decision that's NOT in the best interests of you and your family.  This is the course every Australian needs to do before they start planning to build a new home with any type of builder.

learn The industry secrets that no sales person wants you to know

When you learn the mechanics of how BIG BUILDERS, BANKS AND REAL ESTATE AGENTS extract the maximum amount of profit from you, you’ll be shocked.  There’s loads of ‘no way’ and ‘uh ha’ moments when we reveal what really goes on behind the scenes during the sales process.  The sales consultants are only telling you what they want you to know.  But there's so much more that you NEED to know.  We don't share OUR way, we share ALL ways so that you can make the best choice for you and your family. 

The industry has changed

The once humble Aussie home building industry has become dangerously competitive.  many families are making decisions based on a clever sales process. The Building Home Masterclass Series reveals all the sneaky tricks and gives you ALL options so that you can make informed decisions about what's the best way for you to go about having your home built.


The Building Home Masterclass is perfect for you if :

  • You like to prepare well and make informed decisions.
  • You want to know your true options and not the just the ones that are sold to you.
  • You like to know exactly what questions to ask to help you make the big decisions.
  • You don't like being sucked in to spending money you don't need to.
  • You want to know the most likely places where you'll make the mistakes so you can avoid wasting money you never had to spend.
  • You know that building is a highly competitive market where you can be influenced to do things a certain way rather than the right way and that sales people who are trying to sell you something may only tell you what they want you to know and leave out the rest.
  • You want to build one house on one block in the best location for the best price.


Who is the series for?

The Building Home Masterclass Series is not for owner builders.  It's not DIY and nor is it about managing your own build process or decorating your house.  This is unlike anything you've seen before.  It’s about PLANNING and PREPARING to HAVE YOUR HOME BUILT in a way that proves you can save tens of thousands of dollars on your brand new home.

When is the best time to do it?

We've built with volume builders, custom home builders, luxury home specialists and budget builders.  We don't share OUR way, we share ALL ways so that you can make informed decisions about whether you should use a volume builder and choose a standard floorplan or whether you should use an architect or a building designer and have a custom built home.  The best time to take the Building Home Masterclass Series is before you even think about talking to builders, banks and real estate agents becuase after taking this program you'll know exactly which option will be best for you.   

a course with the the power to change lives

This is the game changer that's helping Aussie families have a happy, safe and successful home building experience without the usual fear, risk or confusion. 

You're not building a home, you're planning to build a home and they are two completely different things.  After all, it's during the planning phase where all the big decisions are made.  It's also where the big mistakes are made.  We exist to help you avoid those.


You might think you’d be able to find everything you need to know about planning to build a new home on the internet. The trouble is, most of these sources have a hidden agenda. Often, they receive commissions for recommending certain builders, lenders and real estate agents. It’s hard to tell what’s right for you and what’s right for them.

You won’t get that from me. The Building Home Masterclass Series has no affiliations with any third party builders so you can be confident the advice is there to benefit only you. And this information can save you thousands of dollars and MONTHS of undue stress.

The success of your home building journey starts here.  With the support of our online planning process you'll know exactly where to start, where to turn and also know what to look out for along the way."

- Nat Stevens