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land conveyancing
made easy

Your conveyancing journey just got a whole lot simpler

Conveyancing is required to make your dream of home ownership come true. Our conveyancers offer smooth and seamless property conveyancing for the duration of your property transfer at competitive rates with quick turnaround times.

Start your conveyancing journey with someone you can rely on.

We're on your side, making sure everything is taken care of and doing the 'heavy lifting' (you know, all those confusing legal bits!) so you can secure your dream block without any heartache or headscratching moments.

Our fees are fixed from the start, with no hidden surprises at the end

Our highly skilled team of preferred conveyancers are the people you turn to when buying a block of land.  They have everything they need to process your property transaction from any location.

transfer of land

Conveyancing is the process of transferring ownership of a parcel of land from one person to another.

legal process

Conveyancing is a legal process that must be performed by a legal conveyancer.

your own expert

In a property transaction there is a buyer and a seller and each party should have their own conveyancer.

Kiani Mills, at your service

Kiani Mills is a licensed conveyancer specialising in residential conveyancing and land purchases. Her extensive property law experience will help you complete your land purchase without delays, complications, or unpleasant surprises.

Kiani Mills conveyancing

Who said buying a block of land needs to be complicated?


In a market that's so complicated, buying a block of land can be stressful. We feel it is our responsibility to make the process easy. Our mission is to ensure you feel cool, calm and collected when buying your block of land.