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Setting Priorities

Your secret weapon to success

One of the five fears many people have when building is of making the big decisions. Those big decisions are often made up of lots of smaller decisions. When all those little decisions are spinning around … Read More

The devil in the detail; Your Welcome Home Checklist

From years of talking to families both before and after they’ve built a home, I’ve come to learn that the things they regret the most are the things that they never knew to look out for.  … Read More

Your regrets will be the things you didn’t know to look out for

We’ve come to learn that the biggest regrets people have after building their home were the things they didn’t know to look out for.  Unless your builder tells you otherwise who could be expected to know … Read More

Dream Home vs. Now Home

People with little building experience tend to think that building a new home will be a long, difficult and stressful time that they won’t want to repeat. However, waiting until you can afford to build your ‘dream’ … Read More


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