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Setting Priorities

The home you want for the price you can afford

In the wake of the Royal Commission and tighter lending conditions there’s never been a more important time to make every cent count. You can only build what you can afford. But, where the magic of building comes into play is how it lets you spend your budget on the areas of your home that … Read More

What will you regret when you move into your newly built home?

From years of talking to families both before and after they’ve built a home, I’ve come to learn that the things they regret the most are the things that they never knew to look out for.  There are times in life when the little things can matter the most. Living in your new home is … Read More

Should I build my dream home or my now home?

People with little building experience tend to think that building a new home will be a long, difficult and stressful time that they won’t want to repeat. However, waiting until you can afford to build your ‘dream’ home with all the bells and whistles could mean that you spend years missing out on the big advantages … Read More