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What will you regret when you move into your newly built home?

Biggest regrets when building a house

From years of talking to families both before and after they’ve built a home, I’ve come to learn that the things they regret the most are the things that they never knew to look out for. 

There are times in life when the little things can matter the most. Living in your new home is one of those times. There might be a few little luxuries that you believe would make a big difference to your lifestyle. Or others that are merely tempting money guzzlers that suck you in at the upgrades stage but don’t bring extra value to your lifestyle. 

Our Build Your Home Masterclass Series runs through the 59 things most commonly overlooked by people during the planning phase of building their home.  They're the kind of things that can make you feel either warm and fuzzy or cold and irritable. For example, how many of us have arrived home late at night and had the light sensors kick in, saying ‘Welcome home’. Yep, that’s nice. In contrast, if you arrive home late, cold and wet and you’re in the pitch dark, nothing says welcome home at all except the paranoia about bad guys lurking in the bushes!

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Building Home Masterclass Series