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Should I get a guarantor or parent assist home loan?

Family favours Using a guarantor can help you achieve your home ownership goals The easiest way around the deposit dilemma is to garner the support of your parents or close family members who already have considerable … Read More

You’ll hate yourself for building without knowing this money saving hack

The biggest value of being here isn’t in understanding what you’re being told, but in knowing what you’re not being told. Let’s face it borrowing money for a 30 year loan is daunting for everyone. Throughout … Read More

How to avoid paying stamp duty on your new home

Few people purchasing an ‘existing’ home are prepared for the shock that comes when they discover how much they have to pay, on top of the purchase price, in stamp duty. Stamp duty is a term … Read More

How to choose the right bank for your home loan

Bank, Broker or Credit Union? Who will you choose to have the honour of lending you money? Lending is big business and lenders want your interest repayments in their pockets. When I ask families who they … Read More

How to get pre-approval for your building loan

Planning to build a home doesn’t need to take up all your valuable time. You just need to know exactly where to start, where to turn and what to look out for along the way. If … Read More

Should I pay Mortgage Lenders Insurance?

Don’t quite have the deposit you need to get started on your home building journey?  Never fear, you have options!  We call these options creative pathways to home ownership.  It may very well be that one … Read More

If you’re not starting here, you’re doing it wrong.

The number one biggest mistake people make when building a new home is that they start in the wrong spot.   People often make the mistake of starting with the builder, or their ‘dream’ home.  But here’s … Read More

Should I build my dream home or my now home?

People with little building experience tend to think that building a new home will be a long, difficult and stressful time that they won’t want to repeat. However, waiting until you can afford to build your ‘dream’ … Read More