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You’ll hate yourself for building without knowing this money saving hack


The biggest value of being here isn’t in understanding what you're being told, but in knowing what you’re not being told.

Let's face it borrowing money for a 30 year loan is daunting for everyone.

Throughout the Building Home Masterclass Series you’ll come to learn why it’s vital you don’t let yourself be treated as though you are borrowing money to buy a new home when in fact you’re borrowing money to build a new home. Making this mistake will cost you thousands in interest repayments.

You might wonder why this is such a tightly held secret. It’s simply because banks are in the business of making money from you, not helping you save it.

The entire Royal Commission was launched on the very fact that banks were happy to sit back and watch families pay more interest than they should have.  If banks can legally make more money out of you they will.

That’s why you woe it to yourself to become fully informed of the insider secrets that will help you avoid spending up to $60,000+ unnecessarily.

In short, the biggest savings to be made during your home building journey lay not in understanding what you're told, but in knowing what you're not told.

"Not knowing this one vital borrowing hack will set you back financially from the very beginning.”

The Building Home Masterclass Series exists to help you have a happy and financially successful home building experience and the best way to do that is to guide you through the four essential steps you need to take before you even think about engaging a builder.

In fact, choosing a builder is the last step in our five-part plan.

The first step is nailing your budget and ensuring that you implement the home loan structure that guarantees you save up to $10,000 or more (depending on your building budget) in interest rates.

“A 30 year loan is daunting for everyone. Structuring your loan right is the first step in being smart about your money to make sure you get the best deal”

In our mind our home is build according to our dreams, but in reality it’s built according to our budget. Starting in the wrong spot can lead you to feel later as though you’re in over your head, drowning amongst the big decisions in a sea of extra costs that you never saw coming.

Plus, for first home owners, learning the secrets to getting into home ownership sooner means you’ll put your next $15,000 into paying off your own mortgage instead of paying off someone else’s. Rent is like throwing money in the bin. Our creative pathways to home ownership can help you escape the rental trap sooner.

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