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If you’re not starting here, you’re doing it wrong.

If you’re not starting here, you’re doing it wrong.

The number one biggest mistake people make when building a new home is that they start in the wrong spot.   People often make the mistake of starting with the builder, or their ‘dream’ home.  But here’s the thing, in our dreams our home is built according to our desires, but in reality our home is built according to  our budget!  Our budget sets the scene for every decision we make from the beginning so whether your a first home owner, un upgrader or a downsizer, knowing exactly how much you have to spend from the beginning is going to make the process of planning to build your new home a whole lot easier.

There are four critical steps you need to complete prior to getting serious about choosing a builder. When planning to build a home, taking the right steps in the right order will save you time, money and stress.  However, starting in the wrong place could very well see you throwing your hands in the air and giving up because it all just gets too hard.  With the right know how you can have a happy and successful home building experience and reap the financial and personal rewards that come from building a home.  You just need to know where to start, where to turn and what to look out for along the way.

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