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At his wits end choosing a builder

Jed contacted me when he was at his wits end trying to find a builder.  He’d already purchased a block of land so there was no backing out.

When I asked Jed about who he had already spoken to he gave me the names of three builders.  So far so good.

But here was the problem… Jed had spoken to a volume builder who only builds on flat slabs (his block was sloping meaning he’d be up for significant site costs).  He also gave me the name of a luxury home builder (who’s prices would have blown his budget out of the water).  And finally, he gave me the name of a builder who specialised in home renovations (rather than new home builds).

You can imagine the confusion!

So after a chat with Jed I directed him to module 5 in the The Building Home Masterclass membership area when within moments he understood that there were different types of builders.   He quickly learnt the differences and how to easily identify them.  What’s more he also learnt how to get quotes back from them that all compared apples with apples.

With the help of The Building Home Masterclass Josh soon realised that he needed to be speaking to three custom builders who all specialised in building new homes.  That way, they would all have the appetite to build on his sloping block.  He hadn’t considered before that a custom builder could accommodate his budget nor did he realise that it was commonplace that they would probably also have a great range of floorplans for him to choose from and customise if required.

The Building Home Masterclass changed the course of his home building experience by saving him months of confusion and stress.  Instead, he began to have the same conversation with the same types of builders all working to the same budget.  He no longer felt the pain of chasing his tail wondering where the heck he should be turning next.

The moral of the story?  You don’t know what you don’t know.  Now is the time to find out what you don’t know so that you can enter into your home building journey with confidence knowing that you have a good handle on the basic yet essential information that will keep you safe and in control throughout the home building process.

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