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How to find the perfect location for your block of land

location of your new home build in oz

As Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz said, ‘There’s no place like home.’ It’s true; the place you choose to call home needs to be a place that will bring value to not only your pocket, but also your lifestyle and wellbeing. You’ll want to feel ‘at home’ with those around you, living among families just like yours, who share similar values.  So how do you choose the perfect block of land?

There’s no doubt that where you choose to call home will depend on things such as price, proximity to schools, shops and recreation. But what is often overlooked is simply the ‘vibe’ of a place. The feeling of living in a space created especially for your family is golden. Your best lifestyle starts with your best location and because not all land is created equal, it’s important to understand what it is about a location that will help you live your best lifestyle.

As a family building your own home, you will most likely be happier in a location where other homes are also owner occupied. You’ll love lifestyle features such as playgrounds, parks, open spaces, bike paths and walking trails. In most regional areas, most estates are just a few minutes away from everything you need. Even those that ‘feel’ further out are usually only minutes from major shops, schools and recreational facilities. In exchange for the extra few minutes’ drive, these estates provide you with an exceptional family-friendly lifestyle, with playgrounds, open public spaces and access to public transport.

Never underestimate the importance of the location where you choose to build your home.

My biggest tip would be that if you are building a home for you or your family to live in, consider choosing a quality, family-friendly estate that is predominately owner occupied. In many cases (not all), the landscaping can give you a little hint as to whether the home is owner occupied or not – home owners tend to invest more in their landscaping than renters.

Our Build Your Home Masterclass Series covers everything you need to know about safely buying the perfect block of land and also offers a Land Locator Tool that makes it easy to compare apples with apples.

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