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Are site costs the key to saving thousands on your home build?

site cost when building a new home build in oz

Site costs

Have you ever thought about where is the most likely place you'll blow your budget? I'm guessing you thought it had something to do with the house right? Well actually, the biggest and most costly mistakes are made by purchasing a block thats been sold based on inaccurate or misleading advice.

In step three of the Building Home Masterclass Series we iron out the creases on the process of buying land.  In this step we’ll show you how to avoid all the biggest and most costly mistakes made when buying land.

Buying land can be safe but only when you're informed and know what questions to ask.

You need to know that developers and estate agents are not legally obliged to tell you what you don't know about the land you're buying, which makes it paramount that you know what questions to ask. Sadly, you won't know whether you've been told the whole truth about your land until it's too late. The good news is that we give you exactly what you need to access the truth yourself.

Take soil type for one example. There are seven different soil types and each one of them will determine your site costs.

"The true cost of your block of land isn’t in what you can see, it’s in what in what you can’t see. We'll give you the prescription you need to see everything clearly and make a great investment"

The problem is that not all builders offer alternative foundation options which means you could unwittingly pay far more for site costs than you needed to. It's essential you know your options early so that you can engage the right type of builders for the type of home you'll be better off building.

Everything you learn in Step 3 of the Series ensures that you're armed with the knowledge that helps you avoid having the wool pulled over your eyes and paying more for your block in the long run.

The same issues apply for not learning about easements, covenants, development plans, buying land-off- the-plan, using land conveyancers, reading plans of subdivisions etc.

The good news is that we exist to make you an expert overnight. By the end of Step 3 in the Series you'll see how you've potentially saved more than $20k+ just by doing a little homework.

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