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The hidden secrets you’ll find within a plan of subdivision

sales plan or plan of subdivision build in oz

Many of our clients ask us what the difference between a sales plan and a plan of subdivision is, and it helps to understand this. The sales plan acts as the main marketing brochure for the developer. It is usually specific to the stage of development that is currently on offer.

Whats the difference between a sales plan and a plan of subdivision?

A sales plan shows:

  • The stage currently on offer and the lot sizes
  • Basic dimensions, such as frontages
  • Which lots are still available for purchase
  • Contact details for enquiries and where you can get more
  • information

The plan of subdivision provides details of the block sizes, dimensions and any other details such as easements. It is usually drawn up by a surveyor. A plan of subdivision shows:

  • All the stages that will be offered for sale across the entire estate
  • The sizes and dimensions of every block
  • Any existing easements that may be present on every block

The hidden secrets you’ll find within a plan of subdivision and elsewhere…

Whilst the plan of subdivision shows the general information about the subdivision itself, it’s the overall development plan of an area where further crucial secrets lay.  Imagine buying a block of land and later discovering that the local water authority was building a tower in your backyard?  By the time you hear about it, it’s too late.  Had you simply asked to view the development plan of the area, you would have identified this risk early on and you would have chosen a different block of land free of the shadows from local utility facilities!

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