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On the other side of fear, your best lifestyle awaits

on the other side of fear your best lifestyle awaits

Do you baulk at the thought of building a new home? Does it all seem to hard, or fraught with difficult decisions? Do you think it will take too long?

These questions, and probably many more, are all common fears that home buyers face when they decide to upgrade their homes, or enter the market for the first time. And it’s completely normal to feel a bit nervous about building. After all, you are putting your life savings into the hands of another with the expectation that they’ll deliver as promised.

It’s when fear overpowers the feeling of nervousness that we find ourselves abandoning what might have been the opportunity of a lifetime.  It’s in this scenario that fear becomes your number one obstacle to progress. In this case, your progress!

The Five Big Fears felt about building

Years of listening to families talk about home building has enabled me to realise that the apprehension most people feel about building can be narrowed down to five main fears.

  1. Fear of the time they’ll need to dedicate to it.
  2. Fear of making the big decisions.
  3. Fear of getting ripped off.
  4. Fear of what it will cost them.
  5. Fear of something going wrong.

Identifying these five fears led me to dedicate my work to sharing the process of planning to build a home with families. I saw an industry that was shrouded in mystery and confusion to the average Joe. So, based on our own home building successes, we unpackaged the whole process, and put it back together again to create a full and remarkable solution that will help families build a home that will let them live their best lifestyle.


 1.  Worried you won’t have the time

One of your fears may be that building will take up too much of your time so you are thinking of just purchasing an existing home.  Apart from missing out on stamp duty savings and creating instant equity, you’ll also miss out on your chance to live in a home that’s been tailored perfectly to suit your needs. As a result of settling for an existing home you’ll find yourself continuing to experience some of the frustrations you’ve always felt because your new home will be good, but will it be perfect?

Introducing the Building Home Masterclass Did you know that it’s possible to organize your home build in just 5 simple steps?  Our guide takes you on a journey where you’re in control the whole time.  No over budgeting, no indecisions, no wrong turns, no dead ends – just a calm and cool ride on the road to your best lifestyle.  Building takes time and becomes a hassle when you don’t know where to start, where to turn or what to look out for along the way.  So, if you want to live the very best lifestyle that your budget can afford, but didn’t think you had the time, think again. Get access to the Building Home Masterclass today! Click here to learn more

2.  Worried you won’t have the money

You like the idea of building but you’re fearful about what it’s all going to cost. Building seems like the expensive option.  If you believe this, you might buy an existing home within your budget despite it possibly needing work to make it right for you.  After a while you could find that the work is a drag not only your time, but also on your pocket.

Building can give you the best lifestyle your budget can afford by letting you spend your budget on the areas of your home that will bring you the most happiness.

To help you prioritise and paint a picture of what your very best lifestyle looks like we’ve created a foolproof ‘Builder’s Brief’ that makes it super easy to prioritise your home according to needs, wants and desires.  In fact, regardless of your budget, you could be living in a brand new home designed especially for you with zero maintenance.  And, it feels great to know that the money you’d spend in commission fees and stamp duty alone if you’d brought an existing home, will mean tens of thousands of dollars more for you to put into your newly built home.

If you like the idea of a quick and fun way to prioritise your needs, wants and desires then
click here to learn more.

3.  Worried about making the big decisions

You’ve thought about building for years.  It’s making the big decisions that holds you back from getting started such as choosing a builder, a block of land and those kind of things. It’s easy to procrastinate when you feel unsure.

You’ve thought about building for years.  It’s making the big decisions that holds you back from getting started such as choosing a builder, a block of land and those kind of things.  It’s easy to procrastinate when you feel unsure.

But you don’t want to procrastinate to the point where it’s costing you money or lifestyle.  Maybe you’re still paying rent and sending your hard earned pay down the drain, or you could simply be spending another year in a place that you’ve long ago outgrown.  If either of these things ring true, then you’ll love The Building Home Masterclass –  The 5 Step Journey to building your Best Lifestyle.

It quickly transforms big scary decisions into straight forward simple solutions.

Going through each of our five steps in the right order gives you a plan and when you stick to a plan, it’s easy to reach your destination.  Each steps keeps you in control making the big decisions smaller and manageable.  It tells you exactly where to you need to start, which way to turn and what to look out for along the way.

4.  Worried how you’ll save for a deposit

You’ve been saving for a deposit to build a house.  It’s been hard saving that kind of money whilst also meeting the day to day financial responsibilities of a growing family.  The repayments will be no problem, it’s saving for the deposit that’s the killer.

Did you know that borrowing to build can be different to getting a regular home loan?  There are also ways to buy your block now while you continue to save to build your home.  Maybe you’d like to know how you can save up to $10,000 during the time your home is being built? When it comes to building, you have more options and we’d love to share with you what they are.

There are creative pathways to home ownership.  You just need to know where to find them.  It’s one way Build In Oz brings together the people you need to live your best lifestyle.  Start building wealth for yourself instead of someone else and find out everything you need to know about borrowing to build at the Building Home Masterclass  – the 5 step journey to building your best lifestyle.

5.  Worried about getting ripped off.

There’s a lot of horror stories out there, most of which could have bee avoided withe the right advice.  The biggest regrets people have are the things that they didn’t know to look out for.  In reality, the quality of the home you build is usually the quality that your budget will enable.

Thankfully, when it comes to the structural quality of your home, all builders have to build according to the same codes, rules and regulations.  Throughout the entire process you’re are protected by a building surveyor that has been personally assigned to make sure that at every stage the builder has met all the required standards according to the building permit. When buying your land, your legal conveyancer takes care of all the legalities of contracts ensuring that you are protected every step of the purchase process.

Once you’ve explored the Building Home Masterclass system you’ll be comforted by how building a new home isn’t as risky as some of you might fear.  Learn how to avoid the biggest mistakes made when buying land and building a house.

It’s our '5 Step Journey to Building your Best Lifestyle’.



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