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Avoiding risk when building

avoiding the biggest mistakes made when building build in oz

What’s the best ways to avoid risk when building? There’s a lot of horror stories that float around about the process of building a home and you’ll want to make sure your experience doesn’t become the next one. As with any industry, you’ll hear far more about the bad experiences than the good, but the fact remains that one unhappy home building experience is one too many.

First of all, it’s important to know that like the game Chinese whispers, misconceptions and misunderstandings are rife in the home building game. Often, when things go wrong, it’s because there’s been a misunderstanding that has occurred during the planning stages of building a new home, rather than during the process of building the home itself.

Based on my experience a builder will be more than willing to fix a mistake they have made, but not so willing to change something because you thought you were getting something different. To avoid risk, it is absolutely vital that you are thorough during the planning phase of building a new home.

In fact the number one biggest mistake made by families when building a new home is starting in the wrong spot.  Starting with the home, the dream or even the builder.  But there’s four essential steps that you need to take before you even think about getting prices from builders.  Not taking these steps in the right order at the right time put you at risk of missing out on having a happy and successful home building experience.

It’s in my desire to help families avoid any one of the biggest mistakes made that I created the 5 step journey to building your best lifestyle.  It focuses not so much on the home itself but on the process of planning to build a new home.  It’s a self paced e-learning portal that tells you exactly where to start, where to turn and what to look out for along the way, making it a whole lot less likely that you’ll experience any dramas.

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