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Do you need a Volume Builder or a Custom Builder?

how to choose the right builder

There's different types of builders.  Custom home builders, Volume Builders, Project Builders, Kit Home Builders, Pre-Fab Builders Custom Builders, small local Builders, Budget home specialists, Luxury home specialists and the list goes on.  Don't waste valuable months talking to the wrong builders.  Let us make it easy for you.


They build your custom designed floorplan or you can choose one of theirs and modify to suit.

Custom builders are generally hands-on local tradesmen who pride themselves on the personal quality and uniqueness that they can bring to your home building experience. When using a custom builder, the person who sells you their services is usually the same person who is building your home.  They'll be your go-to person from start to finish. Custom builders suit those of us who like the idea of having some level of exposure to the home building process, though that is totally optional.  A custom builder should delight in the idea of you 'popping in' to say hi to see how things are going.  It's a more personal experience where you should feel welcome to share in the excitement of your dream coming to life.

One of the greatest advantages of using a custom builder is having the ability to improvise and make adjustments along the way.  While it’s common for custom builders to have a range of plans to choose from, you can choose to have your home designed independently by a building designer (draftsperson) or architect. Working with a designer or choosing from an extensive range of quality floorplans that are able to be adjusted to suit you is the safest way to maintain control of your outcome and your budget.  Scroll below for our solution that makes it easy to choose your perfect builder.



Volume or project builders only build their own floorplans.

Volume builders are usually, but not always, nationally owned companies that have completely systemised their entire home building process. They utilise modern sales and marketing strategies to sell their homes.  It is a highly competitive market.   The main feature that attracts people to a volume builder is their nicely presented range of floorplans and their knockout display homes.  Volume builders generally advertise homes at the very minimum base price and offer upgrades in the form of promotional packages.  They often partner with land owners to market House and Land Packages which are also advertised for a bare minimum price.  In most cases, packages are put together for demonstrative purposes only and many consider them to be misleading.  Unless the block itself is owned directly by the builder, you are free to purchase the block and put any house on it you wish and it can be built by any builder.  You can learn more about how easy it can be to avoid being misled by creating you own perfect House and Land Package here.

One thing to keep in mind when using a volume builder is that everything is finalised before you start.  Every single detail is set out right down to the colour of the paint on your walls.  Volume Builders generally won't allow changes to their floorplans without extra costs for the privilege.  It's also costly to make even cosmetic changes once you've had your selection consultation.  If you are someone who would like to be somewhat  involved during the construction phase or who might like to improvise and make minor changes to things as you go, you might be better suited to a custom builder.  We share our easy solution to being able to find the perfect  builder below.



Comparing quotes, plans and prices from different builders is known to be one of the biggest stresses of building.  Using our Builders Brief Template solves this problem by making it easy to compare apples with apples when going through quotes to decide who will be the best builder for you.

Your secret weapon to simplicity

Regardless of whether you are using a Volume Builder or a Custom Builder, we believe it's smart to know what options are available to you from at least three builders in your area.  Achieving this can be time consuming and confusing, however we make it easy.

By submitting this template you’ll receive back your Builders Brief Report as a PDF file but you'll also receive an introduction to up to three of our partnering builders in your area who we feel best match your requirements.

And don’t worry, our builders have to meet strict guidelines before they get our tick of approval!

Offering this free service to you is just another way that we’re here to help you have a happy and successful home building experience with minimal stress and time wasting.


The Ultimate Guide for planning to build your new home

Build In Oz offers a full and remarkable solution to make planning to build your new home simple, safe and successful.

You can click here to access Home Build In a Box, your ultimate 5 step guide to planning to build a new home in Australia or jump straight to a service you need below.

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