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If you're on a tight budget, stick to your guns and be aware of these seductive sales techniques, so that you can avoid being sucked in to paying for things you really can’t afford or are low on your list of priorities.

avoiding budget blow out

There is a common misconception that circulates about builders giving you a price and then, before you know it, they ramp it up and blow your budget. What actually happens is that you blow your own budget. It goes back to what we were saying earlier about resisting the temptation to upgrade. Here is the mistake people make. They see a house and land package advertised for a certain price. They see that it is within their budget and make enquires to have it built. The floorplan of the home and the location offers you a great lifestyle. What happens next in this sequence of events is what hurts the most. You visit the display home. You fall in love with the extras and upgrades. You explore all the lovely façades. Now, rather than focussing on what you can have and what you can afford, you feel deflated by the things that you can’t.

don't get sucked in by seductive sales techniques

In sales it’s always a good idea to give your customers what they expect and then surprise them with just that little something more. In other words, promise less; deliver more. Unfortunately, many of the volume builders do it the other way around. They promote their product pumped up with the extras, but often the majority of their customers can’t afford all the upgrades that their advertising flashes up in lights.  Everyone wants to show off their best.  If you're on a tight budget,  stick to your guns and be aware of these seductive sales techniques, so that you can avoid being sucked in to paying for things you really can’t afford or are low on your list of priorities.

Remember that a good functional floorplan that flows beautifully is the most important aspect of home design, thus liveability, thus lifestyle.  While flash façades and classy upgrades are going to give you an elevated sense of pride in your new home, they won’t actually improve the function of your home, and therefore also won’t affect the quality of lifestyle that your new home will deliver to you and your family.

the curse of the display home

If you really want to know what it feels like to fall in love with a dream you can't afford, visit a display village.  What starts off as an exciting and awe inspiring day usually ends when you ask the question, 'But if I wanted this home, just like this, with everything I see here, what will it cost me?'  For most of us, the answer won't be pretty.


in summary


Don't get sucked in to the seductive sales techniques.  Hold steadfast and focus on what brings real value rather than perceived value.



The ugliest mistakes made when building are the ones that blow the budget.

- Natalie Stevens


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