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How to Build your best Home – A Checklist

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Taking Control of Your Home Building Process

Taking all the steps in our Build Your Best Home Checklist will have put you in control as you're now armed with the information you need to feel confident that you’re making informed decisions and not relying only on what Builders tell you to do.

Completing the checklist gives you peace of mind knowing you’ve considered things from all angles so that the choices you make will mean building a new home that is truly perfect for you.


Working through the topics in 'Prioritising Your Home Building Budget' of the Building Home Masterclass Series shows you how to create value without spending more money.

In addition to exploring all the topics, be sure to complete the following:

Complete the Builders Brief Tool
Complete the Building Home Checklist
Download and use the Building Quotes Comparison Tool

Learn about the areas that are often neglected during the planning phase of building your new home.

Completing the checklist helps you achieve these important outcomes:

  • You have defined your needs, wants, and desires for your new home.
  • You have identified the things that you don't really need, helping to streamline your decision-making.
  • You know how to compare different quotes accurately by comparing "apples with apples."
  • You have gained the knowledge and tools to control the home building process more effectively.
  • You know how to approach and resolve discrepancies between quotes.
  • You have learned valuable strategies to avoid budget blowouts during the construction process.

By following this checklist, you are taking a proactive approach to building your dream home. You will have the confidence and peace of mind that comes with informed decision-making allowing you to build a home that perfectly suits your needs and desires and is within financial reach!

Remember, completing the checklist is just the beginning. It sets the foundation for a successful home building journey. Stay focused, refer to the checklist as needed, and trust your instincts. Happy building!

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