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time to decide who will build your new home!

It's easy to avoid being misled by clever marketing ploys and manipulative sales tactics when you know the facts about the process of planning to build a new home.

This checklist will help you learn about different types of Builders so that you can approach the ones who are right for the type of home you want to build.

Now it's time to decide whether you are using a volume builder or custom builder, then follow the appropriate steps.

if using a custom builder

  1. Work with your designer to finalise your perfect floorplan and create working drawings with complete specifications.
  2. Once you have your plans finalised, deliver your plans and working drawings to three custom builders who niche the market you're in.  Include a letter inviting them to quote your job and let them know that you are available to meet them.
  3. Include a note that says to be considered for the job you request that the quote be submitted within  a set timeframe.  A month is reasonable.
  4. Compare quotes received.
  5. Ask to view some of their recent builds in person.  At least one would be ideal.  If that's not possible take drive by's and look at photos, walk through videos or anything else on offer.
  6. Choose the builder who can deliver your best outcome in regards to conditions, service and price.
  7. Before making a final decision meet with your preferred builder over coffee to discuss their quote. Get to know them a little to be sure they are someone you’ll love to work with.
  8. Decide who will build your home.

if using a volume builder

  1. Email your completed Builder’s Brief, including the Welcome Home Checklist, to three volume/ project builders. Include your budget and where you’d like to build. Request that they contact you to arrange a time to meet so that you can view suitable floorplans that are within your budget.
  2. Compare the proposals you receive from each builder carefully.
  3. Choose the builder who can deliver your best outcome in regards to floorplan, conditions, service and price.
  4. Ask them to include all possible hidden costs and also extra costs that you will have post build such as crossovers, double driveway (if applicable), paths and fencing.  Even if they don't do the works as part of the build you need to know what they will cost so that all that can be taken into account.
  5. Keep in mind when using a Volume Builder, the person selling you the house will not have anything to do with building your actual home.
  6. Decide who will build your home.

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