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How do I use pre-designed floorplans from a project builder?

How do I use pre-designed floorplans from a project builder?

pre designed volume/project builders plans

Volume builders offer hundreds of pre-designed floorplans that cater for all budgets and the cost is incorporated into your overall costs.  The sales consultant who works with you on behalf of the volume building company will help you choose a floorplan and also help you plot your preferred floorplan on a block. The volume builder has systemised the entire process and are have sale targets to meet making it a highly competitive industry.  Volume Builders eliminate the need for you to have to ‘design’ your home. You simply pick the floorplan that you feel will work best for your family and one that comes in within your budget. The work you’ve already done during the previous stages of the five-step The Building Home Masterclass system makes this process even easier. Having already defined your budget, wants, needs and desires narrows down your options considerably.  However there's some risks here that you really need to be made aware of which we talk more about in Step 5 Choosing Your Builder.

You might choose to use existing builders plans if:

  • You'd rather not be involved in designing your home.
  • You aren't interested in amending or changing a floorplan.
  • You won't want to make improvisations to anything at all including colours once you've signed your contract.
  • You will be building on a flat block.
  • You have time to do the research to know what's not being included in your quote.
  • You understand that your home may not look anything like the display homes you've visited.

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in summary


Opting to use Volume Builders Floorplans means you'll have literally hundreds of floorplans to choose from, but it's also the option that offers the least flexibility if you want to make changes.



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