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The unique 5 step planning process helping Aussie families build the home of their dreams


Hosted by 2 x international best selling Author and founder of Build In Oz Nat Stevens


"Once I completed the Build in Oz online course I knew exactly what questions I needed to ask at every step.  This demystified the process and opened my eyes to stuff that I hadn’t even considered. I thoroughly recommend doing this before embarking on your new home journey."


"Home Build In a Box showed us how to avoid the ‘nightmares’ and gave us the info we needed to have a good experience and actually feel excited about building.  This made us feel in control."


"Home Build In a Box clears up so many myths and misconceptions! Home Build In a Box is a great source of information for anyone who is thinking of building a home. I loved it!"


"Even just knowing what order to do everything in in itself made this well worth it for me.  Understanding how to priorities the right steps in the right order was a godsend and the game-changer for how I felt about jumping in to start planning to build my new home."


"Home Build In a Box blew the fears away for me. I felt more and more in control as I worked through each step. There were lots of things I hadn’t even actually thought about before which would have left me wide open to make mistakes along the way. I’m really happy I found this."


"With a better understanding of the process, I’m now fully in control and don't feel like anyone can pull the wool over my eyes.  Hearing Nat share her knowledge and expertise in an area I’m foreign in was priceless!"


"Signing up for this gave me the steps I needed to be able to build my dream home. Nat is really down to earth and relaxed with her advice which makes it so much easier to understand."


"After working through this process I feel confident that I’ll be able to build my dream home and be satisfied with every decision along the way"


"Home Build In a Box made me feel more confident about building because I was armed with all the information I needed to get it right. Each topic was really useful, and all the information was what secured our decision to build rather than buy an established home"


"Building is a very mysterious process and there’s not a lot of help available out there.  Who knows where we would have ended up if we hadn’t found this!"


"Home Build In a Box just made everything clearer and I felt more positive throughout the process. There were so many things that helped me that I just wouldn’t have known otherwise.  This is a very practical and user-friendly guide to building a home. I highly recommend it!"


"My two biggest fears have always been how much building my own home would cost me and also the fear that I could get ripped off. The 5 steps opened my eyes to so much and I’m feeling inspired to start this journey."


"I’ve taken the 5 Step process from start to finish. I found it easy to follow and I got some great tips that will help me with my current project. Well done for creating such a valuable resource for people wanting to build a new home"


"If you're thinking about buying or building a home, you need to sign up for Home Build In a Box first. The online guide goes through all the major considerations, step by step, that you need to think about before you spend a cent. You can't afford to build a new home without it."


"This is a great, easy to follow plan filled with helpful information.  I really enjoyed going through it, and gained more confidence in knowing what to expect when we build our new home."


At the end (of the course) I felt like it's suddenly a little bit of a suit of armour that you've got on, so that when you go out to do this you're armed with the knowledge


Your first and most costly mistake....

Before you even think about building you owe it to yourself to get fully informed about the process.  It's the only way to stay safe and avoid the biggest and most costly mistakes made.

We give you more than 70 years of combined experience via our simple yet powerful online course that makes sure you've got the 'secret sauce' info you need to get this right the first time.

Don't worry, this is not DIY.  This has nothing to do building a house and everything to do with planning to build a home.  At first, you might think it all starts with talking to a builder, but upon taking the fifth and final step in our planning process you'll agree, that's the #1 biggest mistake people make.   In fact, there's four essential steps we know you need to take before you even think about talking to a builder.

This is the game changer that's helping Aussie families have a happy, safe and successful home building experience without the usual fear, risk or confusion.

"I was born into the construction industry and this is the exact process I use to create anywhere up to $60,000 in equity in every home I build.  I'm here to share the secrets, tips and tricks on how to save interest, build value and most importantly, avoid costly mistakes.

The success of your home building journey starts here.  With the support of our online planning process you'll know exactly where to start, where to turn and also know what to look out for along the way."

- Nat Stevens

Here's the thing...

You're not building a home, you're planning to build a home and they are two completely different things.  After all, it's during the planning phase where all the big decisions are made.  It's also where the big mistakes are made.  We exist to help you avoid those.

How we help

We're not builders, bankers or real estate agents which means that we can share information unlike anyone has before.  We don't share 'our way', we share all ways, so you can choose the best way to build for you.  We give you exactly what you need to make solid informed decisions so that you avoid playing the starring role in the next horror story of building.

Take the course from start to finish
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hoose from more than forty interactive topics delivered across five lessons

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This isn't for everyone

HBIAB isn't for everyone.  It's not for the risk takers or those who are happy to put their future in the hands of a sales pitch.  This is only for people who are prepared to invest a few hours of their time to make sure they build a home with no regrets.

This is especially NOT right for you if:

  • You're an investor who just needs the off the shelf 3 bed 2 bath asap.
  • You're comfortable that everything a sales consultant or real estate agent tells you is in your best interests.
  • You are happy to take the risk that you're on the right track across the 5 essential areas of planning to build.
  • You don't have a spare couple of hours to do the course.
  • You're an owner builder (this is NOT about building the actual home itself)

HBIAB is perfect for you if :

  • You like to prepare well and make informed decisions.
  • You want to know your true options and not the just the most advertised ones.
  • You like to know exactly what questions to ask to help you make the big decisions.
  • You don't like being sucked in to spending money you don't need to.
  • You want to know the most likely places where you'll make the mistakes so you can avoid them.
  • You know that building is a highly competitive market where you can be influenced to do things a certain way rather than the right way and that sales people who are tying to sell you something will only tell you what they want you to know and leave out the rest.

The benefits

In just as little as a few hours via five easy to follow lessons you'll know how to secure pre-approval for a construction loan. You'll learn how to get everything you really need in your new home within your budget. You'll understand exactly how to safely buy the perfect block of land without risk. You'll discover how to get your absolute perfect floorplan; and in the last step you'll understand the differences in builders so that you can choose the type that is perfect for you and your circumstances.  Most importantly, instead of learning only what sales people want you to know, you'll learn what you need to know.  This gives you everthing you need to avoid the biggest and most costly mistakes made.

A deeper dive into the benefits of Home Build in a Box

In step one you'll learn the right way to borrow money when building and save thousands

In this step you’ll learn:

  • How to calculate your budget
  • How to apply for pre-approval
  • How to save ^$10k by using a construction loan
  • How to calculate your interest repayments
  • How to choose the right lender
  • How to avoid Lenders Mortgage Insurance
  • How to fix a deposit shortfall
  • How to borrow using a guarantor
  • How to borrow equity from others
  • How to use a parent assist loan

This step enables you to:

  • Save hours in research and exploration
  • Know exactly what you need to do to get a loan up front saving you approximately 3 hours in appointments
  • Know exactly what you can afford from the beginning saving you approximately 4 hours in consulting and discussions with builders
  • Save up to ^$20k by not paying another year in rent by utilising a creative pathway to home ownership
  • Understand Guarantor Loans and Lenders Mortgage Insurance
  • Save up to $8k by using a construction loan

This step shows you how to avoid:

  • Having unrealistic expectations
  • Falling in love with a dream you can’t afford
  • Feeling disappointed and frustrated from false expectations
  • Wasting money using a regular home loan while your home is being built
  • Continuing to pay rent when there could have been another way.

Taking this step will save you:

  • TIME 10+ hours
  • MONEY negotiable
  • STRESS priceless


'Thank goodness I found this!'

Your purchase is risk free.  If you join up and don't feel that 'Thank goodness I found this' feeling, we'll happily offer a 100% money back guarantee.

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still unsure?


In true HBIAB spirit, here's the truth.

The Home Build In a Box standard membership will cost you as little as $249. That's the equivalent to one nights accomodation in a basic city hotel, dinner for 2 in a fancy restaurant or 5 trips to the movies for you and a friend.  Don't take guidance from companies whose advice is biased towards the outcome that delivers the most profit to them.   Take guidance from HBIAB that exists for no other purpose other than to serve you and help you achieve the same money saving outcomes as we do when building.  Before you pass up this opportunity consider the potential return on what is by comparison a relatively small investment.