Build in oz is proud to be a business for good. 

Our philosophy

That the happiest of families aren’t the ones who have the best of everything, but they are the ones who make the best of everything they’ve got.

Our lifetime partnership with the global giving movement B1G1 supports this philosophy given that our mission is to help families live the best lifestyle that their budget, environment and personal circumstances will allow.  We also believe that businesses have the power to give back through their everyday business activities.  Making a donation on your behalf is a simple, yet powerful example of putting this belief into action.

An extract from the book Building Home authored by the founder of Build In Oz Natalie Stevens reads:

“As Australians we are lucky in that we have the valuable gift of choice. The freedom to choose. As Australians most of us have the opportunity to live a fair lifestyle. Some of us will live a good lifestyle and some of us will live a great lifestyle. What things define a great lifestyle is dependent on our circumstances, but what’s important is that we are living the absolute best lifestyle that our finances, environment and personal circumstances can afford. It’s about being the best we can be. Living our best life.”

b1g1 build in oz

We choose to pay it forward to families who experience severe poverty every single day of their lives. Unlike us, others may never feel the wellness of nutrition, the quench of thirst, the warmth of a cosy blanket, the security of shelter or in the case of some of the causes we support, the love of a family.

B1G1 makes it possible for us to create impacts all over the world.  When something good happens in our business, something great happens somewhere in the world.

Even just by you being here visiting this website right now, something wonderful happened. You gave one day of access to life-saving clean water to a family in Ethiopia.  So thank you, for not only visiting but for also making a difference.  Together, we’ve made an impact.

We are proudly spreading the movement

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we are proud of our giving to date

(and that’s just while we were setting up!)