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The easiest way to find the perfect floorplan design

Our Floorplan Page is currently under development

In the meantime check out how our The Building Home Masterclass system empowers you to make informed decisions when creating your perfect floorplan.


By taking step 4 of the 5 Step Journey:

You'll learn;

How to get the perfect flooplan

How to create maximum liveability

How to ensure design success

How to include simple sustainability features to reduce living costs

How to make the right decision when choosing between builders plans, custom designed plans or an architectural plans

How to spot the difference between a builder, building designer and an architect.

This step enables you to:

Understand simple design principals that make a difference to how your home functions.

Consider the effect functionality has on liveability

Consider the effect liveability has on lifestyle

Know whether you want to choose or design a floorplan

Consider the importance of basic sustainability features

This step shows you how to avoid:

Having a poorly designed home that doesn't suit your family or budget.

Having a home that functions poorly and costs you money.

Choosing the wrong design options for you and your family.

Not being fully informed about what could be the best option for you.

Not engaging the right professional for your block conditions.

Taking this step will save you:

TIME - negotiable

MONEY - negotiable

STRESS - priceless

If you think it would be wise to be empowered with the information that will help you avoid any of the biggest mistakes made then take the 5 step journey to a better lifestyle!