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Your secret weapon to simplicity

Comparing quotes, plans and prices from different builders is known to be one of the biggest stresses of building.  Using our Builders Brief Template solves this problem by making it easy to compare apples with apples.

Regardless of whether you are using a Volume Builder or a Custom Builder, we believe it's smart to know what options are available to you from at least three builders in your area.  Achieving this can be time consuming and confusing, however we can make it very easy for you.

By submitting this template you’ll receive an introduction to up to three of our partnering builders in your area who we feel best match your requirements.

And don’t worry, our builders have to meet strict guidelines before they get our tick of approval!

Offering this free service to you is just another way that we’re here to help you have a happy and successful home building experience within minimal stress and time wasting.

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