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your builder

by nat stevens

5. START HERE – Choosing a Builder

The right builder makes for a great experience

Starting here without having taken any of the previous steps would have seen you ill prepared for what will be the biggest investment of your life.  Had you started here you wouldn’t know exactly how much you have to spend, meaning you wouldn’t know exactly what you could afford, meaning the builder couldn’t tell you exactly what they could give you.

You’d be here making decisions with your heart, rather than your head and in the process possibly blowing your budget into smitherines.

Had you started here you might not know where you’d like to build yet, meaning you couldn’t be sure if you’d need builders plans, custom plans or whether you might need an architect?

Aren’t you glad you decided to wait until now and saved yourself the heartache?

Assuming you’ve taken the 4 previous steps, the time has come to pass the batten over to your builder.  Now you’re far better positioned to have a happy and successful home building experience.  You’ll build a home within your budget according to your wants, needs and desires.  You’ll live in the perfect location where all the planets will have aligned.

You’ll be settled, you’ll be content and you’ll smile knowing your almost home.

how the industry has changed

Having a home built today is not only about the finished product. It’s also about the experience, or the journey, as I like to call it – the warmth of your first contact with the professionals who guide you on your journey, the beautifully presented display homes, the inspiring and thought-provoking floorplans. It’s the whole package.

The home building industry has evolved from being available to a select few who were willing to go the distance and put in the time, effort and money, to becoming a systemised and straightforward consumer experience available to everyday Australians. Not only can everyone now benefit from the advantages of building their home, but they can do it simply and easily.

You need a builder who provides you with a strong sense of trust and reliability.

To help you have this with your builder, take this final step in preparation for passing the batten onto your builder.