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by nat stevens


Builders brief template


This is a 5 minute solution that helps you confirm what you require in your new home.  It's a handy little overview that may help save time if you are having numerous conversations with different builders.

Your brief nails down your requirements.  When you share it with a builder they can share any offerings in floorplans they have to suit, or it can be a great starting point for beginning the design process with a building designer if you are takign that path.

Simply complete and submit.  A pdf report will be sent straight to your inbox.

  • Please provide lot dimensions, size and orientation (if known).
    Other: special requirement living areas such as a billiard room, library or studio space (please specify and offer additional comments if required
    That being the total amount that you have to spend just on building your home. This amount should take into account your deposit and any grants you may be entitled to
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in summary


Getting quotes from builders that compare apples with apples can be really tough. Use a template to ensure that everyone is on the same page and providing you with the same costings for the same items.




If you're not comparing apples with apples, you're not comparing anything at all.

- Natalie Stevens

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