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by nat stevens

Buying a house and land package

the secrets they don't want you to know

While many developers and builders join forces to market their products as house and land packages, they aren’t necessarily legally bound as a package. In most cases land is sold separately from the house (despite some marketing implying otherwise), meaning you can cut and paste plans onto any available lot.

The most likely scenario is that you’ll be buying the block of land separately from the house. In this case you’ll have a contract with the land owner to buy the land and a building contract with a builder to build the house. This makes it possible to take out a construction loan for the construction of your home.

great news

This is great news because now you know it's possible to have your perfect home in your ideal location, regardless of the packages that you see advertised.

Found an area you love but it's taken up with packages?  That's probably not the reality.  Skip the packages and make your enquiry with a real estate who is selling the land or better still, if possibly go straight to the developer.   Unless the land is owned by the builder and therefore only being sold with one of their homes on it, then it could still be for sale and therefore available to you!

will it be more expensive?

You might be wondering if it will be more expensive not to use a package.  That's what they'd have you believe yes, but thankfully not necessarily.  Once you do your homework on packages you'll come to learn that there's lots of extra costs the advertised packages don't include.  We feel it's always better to save yourself the heartache by getting the facts upfront.

a marketing tool

When you see a House and Land package advertised for sale, in most cases the advertised package is simply a marketing brochure where a floorplan has been plotted on to a block of land.  The truth is, you can build any home you like on any block of land using any builder.  In fact, we believe that if you're settling for a package someone else put together, then you're possibly missing out on the biggest advantage of building; that is to build your perfect home in your perfect location.

But here's the GOOD news and one of the BIG reasons we do what we do. We give you the tools that make it super easy to create your perfect house and land package yourself.

ok for investors, not so great for you

There's a huge focus on House and Land Packages and that might be ok for investors but if you're serious about building a home that let's you live your best lifestyle, you need to know how to put together your own.  That's what we have your house and land as two separate steps.  We believe that to have the best home building outcome,  you need the freedom to create your own perfect floorplan and match it to your own perfect block.

Why choose a house and land 'package' when you can easily create the perfect house and land combination.  It's not as hard as you might think.  In fact, when you follow our system we'd go as far to say that it can be easy, even fun!

the reality of how simple it can be to create your own house & land package

in summary


House and Land packages are often little more than a marketing brochure.  You can do better than that.  We make it easy to create your own.




You can fool some people some times, but you can't fool all the people all the time.

- Bob Marley

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