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ultimate land guide

by nat stevens


a note on orientation

The best orientation for your home is largely dependent on your environment, or more specifically your climate. According to the Australian Guide for Environmentally Sustainable Homes, approximately forty per cent of our energy usage is for heating and cooling. The Guide also suggests that forty percent could be reduced to zero if new homes utilised sound climate-responsive design.

Given that the Australian Building Codes Board cites eight different climate zones within Australia, let’s not delve too far into this here. What’s important is that you know that a blanket policy doesn’t exist. In cooler climates you’ll want to maximise the sun’s exposure to warm your home and in hot climates you’ll seek to minimise it. Your builder, building designer or architect will be able to help you best orientate your home for maximum energy efficiency.

If you'd like to know the true orientation of a block you're thinking of purchasing, request to view it on the plan of subdivision.

build in oz hot tip

You would have heard the recommendation that you should have a north facing backyard.  I don't necessarily agree.

I don't choose a block according to it's orientation but rather I design the home according to the blocks orientation.

In many cases it's possible to design a home where the kitchen and living areas maximise the northerly aspect.

In fact, my favourite aspect is a west/east orientation where the kitchen and alfresco area are along the northerly boundary of the home.

block orientation

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