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your floorplan

by nat stevens


welcome to step 3 of the 5 step journey

Imagine for a moment walking into your new home - it ticks all the boxes and gives your family the space it needs to grow and the freedom it needs to flourish.   Choosing to build makes this dream a reality.  You know, it’s not the home décor, or the fancy fixtures and fittings that create a great home. Sure they make for a great first impression, but there’s one thing more important than a first impression and that’s a lasting impression.

A great home starts with a great floorplan and choosing the right floorplan is the most important step in this journey.

Here we’ll show you the difference between builders plans, custom designed plans and architects plans.  We’ll share our top 10 design tips that can be applied across the board and touch on how simple it can be to incorporate some simple sustainability principles into your new home.

With 4 kids of my own I know how the functionality of a floorplan affects liveability and how liveability affects lifestyle.  It’s time to create the space that is going to let you live your best lifestyle.  This is where we put our serious hats on and focus – things just got real.  Come, let’s do this.