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your floorplan

by nat stevens

Using pre-designed floorplans from a custom builder

pre designed custom builders plans

Custom Builders often have their own range of floorplans that they can share with you and unlike the Volume Builders, they offer the added bonus of being able to 'customise' or adapt them to suit. Often there's no sales consultant involved.  It's just you and the builder working together to find something that suits and then taking that to a draftsperson to turn something you like into something you love!

Rather than visit display homes, the custom builder may take you to existing jobs or past jobs where you can have a realistic expectation of their style and quality.

You might choose to use custom builders plans if:

  • You'd like to work directly with the builder rather than a sales rep.
  • You'd like to adapt a floorplan to suit you.
  • You want the option to make improvisations during construction if required without being penalised financially for the privilege.
  • You have a sloping or semi-sloping block and you'd like to use the natural fall of the land to enhance the design of your home.

an important note on working with custom builders

When you choose to work with a custom builder, you'll use the services of a building designer regardless. It's just a matter of who you engage first; the builder or the building designer.  There's big advantages to having your plans designed independently on your own.  That way you have the flexibility to have them quoted by any builder.  If you start with the builder they may possibly over-quote you knowing they have you locked in.  By this stage you've invested your heart and soul into that floorplan design which they know makes it very hard for you to walk away. You won't be able to take their plan and have it built by anyone else because they own it.  It is preferred that you own it.

An exception to this rule is when you approach your builder with a dead set budget and they are clear that they are making recommendations and working with you based on that key figure.

in summary


Custom Builders Floorplans are usually customised to suit your preferences.



If it costs no more to implement the change, it should cost no more to make the change

- Natalie Stevens

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