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your floorplan

by nat stevens

How to get the best floorplan – A checklist

You made it!

High five for completing Module four!

You'll now be aware of all of your options when it comes to choosing or designing your perfect floorplan. You're ‘free to choose’ the option that will be best for you.

You also now have the process we use to ensure we get the most competitive quotes from Builders and you know why you shouldn’t choose a Builder just because you love their floorplans.

Most important of all you now know your options for getting the home you want for the budget you have.

floorplan checklist

Know what makes a great floorplan.

Understand the pros and cons of using a project builders pre-designed floorplans.

Understand the pros and cons of using pre-designed custom builders floorplans.

Know the pros and cons of using a building designer/draftsperson.

Know what's involved in using an architect.

Learn about simple design principles that can make a big difference to any home.

Know how to implement simple eco-friendly design elements into your new home.

Know how to look beyond the 'looks' and focus on the 'function' and 'liveability' of a floorplan.


  1. I've learnt about the hidden costs of building that could blow my budget.

  2. I know the secrets that could slash thousands off my quotes.

  3. I know the right person I need to engage to deliver my floorplan.

  4. I know how to get what I need within my budget.

  5. I know how to avoid getting locked in with a builder.

  6. I know how to better compare quotes between builders.

the essentials - in order

  1. Learn about using builders plans, a building designer or an architect and choose the one that works best for you.
  2. Consider our top 7 floorplan design tips that you can easily implement in your design.
  3. Consider building a home that utilises good basic sustainability principles.
  4. Consider the orientation of your design.

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