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your builder

by nat stevens

Work with a genuine personality

#1 quality is to be genuine


When it comes to choosing a builder you need one thing to happen before anything else does. They need to make you smile. Why is this so important above all else? Because genuine people make us smile and genuine people are the ones we can trust. When we feel someone’s authenticity we feel that they will look after us. When undertaking a big task such as building a home it’s understandable  that things might arise from time to time that mean you have to ask some hard questions. It could be a small thing such as the fact that when the light shines on that wall in the afternoon you can see the difference in the coats of paint. Or it might be a big thing, such as, ‘Um, sorry, but they are not the tiles I chose.’ Ouch. These things can be as much or as little of a hassle as your builder lets them be. I can guarantee that if the person who calls the shots gives you a sense of comfort and reassurance in the beginning, then when things go wrong they’ll do the right thing by you and take the necessary steps to keep you happy.

On the other hand, if you feel an air of arrogance about a builder when you first meet them, you can be assured that you’ll receive an arrogant, unhelpful response when something goes wrong. Beware the ego. Ego can be damaging to you as the client. If you are not sure whether ego is getting in the way or not, consider the tone of your conversation with the builder. Does it feel like it’s more about them than you? If so, you might reconsider working with them. You should never work with anyone who is arrogant, no matter how good you’ve heard their work is. You certainly won’t have much fun taking them to task if something isn’t how you expected or hoped it would be.

in summary


Finding a builder who is a genuinely good person is a big part of your secret to success.

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