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by nat stevens


coming home checklist

Your coming home checklist lists all the things that might make 'coming home' feel great each day. The checklist is made up many things. Some are obvious and rarely overlooked. However, other things might not have crossed your mind.

This list is not intended to point out all the little luxuries you’d like but possibly can’t afford. This is for the purpose of forming part of your Builders Brief.

It’s valuable in painting that overall picture for your builder from the beginning whether you are using a Custom or Volume Builder.

Some of the items listed contribute to a better lifestyle and others are considered luxuries. For example, someone who loathes to feel the cold might love the idea of a heat lamp in the ceiling of their bathroom, however for others, that may be money wasted.

Without considering this checklist, many of the things listed here may not even be discussed or considered when you are talking to a builder. Without this, you'll be like most people in that the first you'll think of these things will be after you move in and think to yourself... 'oh, we should have....'

Your coming home checklist reminds you what areas of a home should be considered during these planning phases.

It's easier to consider them now, rather than later.

It's a good way for you to communicate to a builder the things that matter most to you.

This is about prioritising what matters most to you.  In most areas, our budget determines to what extent we can have any extras beyond standard inclusions.

Coming Home

Personalise your checklist here by checking the boxes against the things that matter most to you.  Press submit and we'll email you your completed list in PDF form, ready for you to print or forward to your builder:




Don't underestimate the value of the little things, they have the power to make a big difference.

- Natalie Stevens

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