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by nat stevens

Match a builder to your job

budget builder or luxury home specialist

Another decision to make is whether to use a builder whose experience is with budget homes or more high-end constructions. This raises an interesting point.

The quality of your home is determined by your budget more than your builder.

Every home with a building permit must be built to a standard that ensures its structural stability. Yours will have to be built according to a strict set of standards, codes, guidelines and regulations, regardless of the quality of the materials, fixtures and fittings. Every home build has a dedicated building surveyor. A building surveyor protects your home during the building process. Each stage must be signed off before work can continue. If shortcuts have been made, or if the work doesn’t meet the standard set by the permit, the builder can’t continue.

What determines the physical quality of your home beyond the legal requirements of industry standards are the materials used and the quality of the fixtures and fittings. These things are determined by your budget. Every builder has provisions to offer you either quality or budget products. Submitting your Builder’s Brief and budget at the beginning sets the scene for whether you’ll be using ‘quality’ or ‘budget’ products to build your home.

Can a quality builder build a cheap home? Absolutely. Can a builder who specialises in affordable housing build an upmarket home? You bet. If a builder has a reputation for building ‘cheap’ homes the chances are that they have simply niched the affordable housing market, in much the same way that a renowned quality builder has probably niched the luxury housing market.

In saying that, if you have a generous budget and you are looking for a luxury build, it makes sense to engage a builder who has a niche in this market. Or, if you are a family who needs space over fancy features, you’ll be better off contacting a builder who specialises in building homes on a budget. A builder’s marketing strategy will often give you the best idea of what that builder specialises in. If you are on a tight budget, don’t spend your time engaging builders who market architecturally designed homes filled with luxury features. Instead, choose builders who focus on value.

in summary


Whilst all builders have the ability to build budget or luxury homes, it's best to find a builder who niches the market that suits your budget.


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