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A great home starts with a great floorplan

When building a house you’ll want to ensure it’s going to enable you to live your best lifestyle, and your best lifestyle starts with getting the design right. When I talk about design I’m talking about the floorplan and other permanent features of the house. You may have heard about a house having ‘good bones’. That is the sort of thing I’m talking about when it comes to design, and getting these features right is the most important step in the five-part system of planning to build your own home.

Walking into a finished home that ticks all your boxes is a magnificent feeling and it all depends on choosing the perfect floorplan – one which gives your family the space it needs to grow and the lifestyle it needs to flourish. Choosing to build makes this dream a reality. You might think people fall in love with a home based on the shiny porcelain tiles or the funky feature wall, but the quality of your home isn’t just about the tiles, fixtures and fittings. It’s true that those things make for a great first impression, but there’s one thing more important that a first impression. That’s a lasting impression.

A good house is like a good meal. Certain rules apply to make it a meal worthy of enjoyment. Certain flavours go together and others clash. How a home is designed works the same way. There has to be the right flow of space and light. For your home to be perfect, everything needs to flow together in harmony to create the ultimate sanctuary for you. The voice of reason that speaks softly in your ear will choose the great floorplan every time. People will always choose a home based on the functionality and liveability the house can give their family. A great home needn’t be expensive – it only needs to be smart.


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