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The building industry’s house and land packages secret you need to know

how to avoid risk when building a home

There's a huge focus on House and Land Packages and that might be ok for investors but if you're serious about building a home that let's you live your best lifestyle, then avoiding a House & Land Package is the smart move.

"House and Land packages are often little more than a marketing brochure and are often not legally bound in any way unless the block has already been purchased by the builder"

When you see a House and Land package advertised for sale, in most cases the advertised package is simply a marketing brochure where a floorplan has been plotted on to a block of land.  They are designed to inspire you to jump in and get signed up fast before you’ve really had a chance to consider all your options.

Taking the advice to sign up for a House and Land package might seem like your easy option, but it may not be your best option.

You might be wondering if it will be more expensive not to use a package.  That's what they'd have you believe yes, but thankfully not necessarily.  Once you do your homework on packages you'll come to learn that there can be lots of hidden costs that the advertised package doesn't include.  The prices of packages are often advertised for the ‘bare bones’ price which contributes to the perception that project built homes are so much cheaper than custom built homes.  In reality, by the time you include all the costs required to truly complete the home, the price may very well be comparable.

"You can fool some people sometimes, but you can't fool all the people all the time." - Bob Marley

The truth is, you can build any home you like on any block of land using any builder.  In fact, we believe that if you're settling for a package someone else put together, then you're possibly missing out on the biggest advantage of building and that is to build your perfect home in your perfect location.

To learn more about the advantages, limitations and pitfalls of choosing a house and land package take the Build Your Home Masterclass Series.

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